Track Camera for Isle of Man ver. 1.2 1.0

Revisited Track camera

  1. Marcoca61
    After many hours i can share my cameras.ini for Isle of Man V. 1.2, enjoy, If you have this beautifull track in your game, just unzip the ini.file and put in your AC folder/Content/Tracks/Isle_of_man/Data, make a copy of your original cameras.ini file just in case you don't like mine.

Recent Reviews

  1. Glen Orpheus
    Glen Orpheus
    Version: 2017-01-16
    I'm not sure why you're cameras don't work on my isle of man, any idea's ?
    1. Marcoca61
  2. gamer19
    Version: 2017-01-16
    Thank you for this man, it's much better than the original.
    Had a real blast test with MG MGTC 1949.
    What a great match for this great track!

    Since I really like your work I hope you'll do some more tracks. That, for example, new Rouen desperately needs a good one. Bad cameras, horrible FOV. People just don't understand how huge immersion killer too big FOV is, gosh !
    1. Marcoca61
      Author's Response
      I'm now working on Solitude track cameras, not hard as isle of man (84 cameras!!!) but same issues as all road circuits (trees, walls....). I will look for the track you suggests, tx.