Track Bathurst

Track Bathurst 0.2

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Latest reviews

-It's Bathurst
-Relatively easy to drive around on

-Too wide
-Too bumpy
-Griffins bend feels too steep
-No track run off coming out of Skyline into The Esses
-Sponsoring is unrealistic
-Trees are not in correct places compared to real life
-AI is too slow
-Walls are too grabby and glitchy
-It's a port from NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed
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Love it. Yeah it isn't perfect but heaps of fun to drive all the same. I avoided this for awhile because of the bad reviews but wish I didn't. Set the ride hight up guys, The Bathurst Regional Council don't have the same budget as Spa.
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a bit too Bumpy and much too wide. And no new versions since 7 month...without AI or something else....track is dead
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Too wide !
Too bumpy !
Trees looks terrible !
Waiting for version 1.0 ;)
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Well done! Thrilling track to drive at speed.
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The bumps are all there IRL!!! This is the so called "Most Hairy Chested Track In The World" by the aussies. Take the Corvette C6R or the Bently Speed 8 for some fun... Better yet, download that Volvo F1 truck that's on youtube, that'll teach you how to handle a few bumps!
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To bumpy for my taste.
Trees look like Lego blocks
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AI does'n work ...
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apart from being too wide, this is a fine track. also timing and AI doesn't work.
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BuMpS EvErYwHeRe
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Great track , except turns 21 and 22 are very bumpy and the timing keeps messing up all the time , could u please fix the issues if possible? thanks
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Fix the bumps @ the end and it will be awesome !
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Great one i was suprised how well this track perform. Good job!
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very nice conversion, the track looks a bit too wide but it's very good.
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Good track would like a working track map pls
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It feels way too slippery to me, if I'm braking it takes too long in comparison to other tracks. Other than that, great track, graphics are decent enough, good job! :)
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Great work.
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good at all, but need to fix bump on the road, keep work and thanks a lot ;)
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Thanks for you work!
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Good initial release, thanks for the effort. I do find the road to be too bumpy though. Especially through the downhill sections and back straight. I look forward to future updates.

Keep up the great work.
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JJoão Alves
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