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Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 1.0-reupload

Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 for Race07/STCC2

  1. Sven Hielscher
    ATTENTION: To be able to download this file at Mega you will need the following key.
    ATTENTION: You need STCC2 for this mod. Some reported issues with the mod which were solved by installing RaceOn. So if the Toyota doesn't work for you, please check if you already own the RaceOn Add-On.

    Toyota Corolla Cup 2012 v1.0
    06/08/2013 by FuNK!

    This mod contains 30 Cars from 24 Teams. It's a v1.0 but there maybe some bugs and mistakes left. Anyway I wish you great fun and please have a look at the readme - you will get some information about painting your own liveries and some other things ;) Please be so kind and report any errors or mistakes you may find!

    Package includes changed Templates, you can not use the default Toyota template which came with STCC2! Now a car viewer (for 3DSimEd) is included.
    And of course you will need STCC2 to run this mod!

    Toyota Corolla and other 3D by Simbin
    Skins by AlbersF1, Arne Heine, SkylineManning and FuNK!

    Thanks to:
    Simbin for the great game!
    AlbersF1 for his great skins!
    Arne Heine for his donated skins with the unique design!
    SkylineManning for his great donated skin (Team Petronas)!
    nogripracing staff for hosting and giving place to paste great screens =)
    Racedepartment for being there, being a great place to be and may host the TCC2012 in the near future :D
    and all I missed ;)

    Spotter Guide for V1.0
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Recent Reviews

  1. formulaHEINE
    Version: 1.0
    Great close cupracing, excellent car skins!
  2. Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop
    Version: 1.0
    Very Good
  3. Leon Charmant
    Leon Charmant
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic mod that provides for extremely close racing and puts the Corolla in the spotlight!
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