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ToughMac 555 Livery - Bertie Fisher & Rory Kennedy 2016-04-24

Bertie Fisher's Blue ToughMac Subaru - Rally of the Lakes 2015 Ireland

  1. Max Attack
    This is my first ever livery on Bertie Fisher's famous Blue ToughMac Impreza which has had a very successful history. It was driven last year at Rally of the Lakes, Molls Gap Ireland by Barry Coleman. Here's a short video of the beast in action last year:

    *This mod features retexturing of exhaust, darkening under the body as well as the wheel wells to look more like the real car as well as a custom ToughMac interior option, Note: installing this will replace the interior for all livery's of this particular car.

    To install the livery go to: Dirt Rally > cars > models > 555 > and *replace livery_44

    *Don't forget to back up your files of course



    1. IMG_0635_zpss0ixjfz5.jpg
    2. IMG_0632_zps5hzxgyw9.jpg
    3. CeK7oydWwAE_t_R.jpg
    4. Bertie_Fisher_Rory_Kennedy_1996_ITRC-1024x1024.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mcmattila
    Version: 2016-04-24
    Great work, the every decal seems to be where it should, and the work is clean! It seems to be missing color correction though, and the specocc could be made better with the decals. These are minor things, however, the colors are not far off and a plain specocc is better than the default one. But they're not hard to fix either!
    1. Max Attack
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'm glad you noticed this! I had some trouble with it, its seems the lighter I went with the specocc the car was too reflective or metallic. I couldn't seem to get the royal blue gloss exact. Maybe you could help with that. I still don't fully understand how to use the specocc to add certain effects
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