Toscana 0.51

Race track set in beautiful Toscana, 24 pitboxes, 4 layouts

  1. A small update

    A small fixes after a few good remarks while waiting for next big update.

    - The "new asphalt" part is less dark.
    - New asphalt detail texture added
    - The skins are now integrated "Content manager friendly" and will appear in it.
    - The track name and folder is now just "toscana" without wip number, so from now the lap times will be kept with each update.

    Have fun!
  2. 0.5 update for Toscana Autodromo is here!

    Hi everybody!
    After some weeks of work, the 0.5 is here. I hope you will like it.
    If you do, don't forget to rate the track.
    I also started some tutorials video on youtube , feel free to keep an eye on it:
    And if you really like it and want to support moders works and help them buy coffee and tools, please feel free to donate.

    Version 0.5
    - Fixed intermediate time and start.
    - Fixed...
  3. Toscana 0.4 update, 4 Layouts version.

    Yep finally I had few days free to work on the track... it's here. :roflmao:
    Toscana_04_0011_Layer 4.jpg
    Toscana_04_0014_Layer 1.jpg
    Toscana_04_0001_Layer 14.jpg

    Update log:
    - All new "Stradale" longer layout with AI :)
    - **The Start line as been move backward to help with AI creation on all layouts**. I really apologize if it has side effect on recorded lap time or other stuff, but it was a necessary move to do. :redface:
    - New scenery
    - New Skin folder with PSD to change...
  4. Toscana v 0.31 update

    Update log:
    - Start light moved in the middle
    - Add a missing wall before pit entry
    - Surface track on pit stand is now valid
    - Some change on hedges
    - Change on run off, grass, fences and metal material
    - Dimmed lights in tunnel
    - Reduce the bump at the entrance of the bank turn
    - Reduce clipping on 3D grass
    - Rework on some scenery mesh
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  5. Toscana 0.3 update, 3 Layouts version.

    Toscana v0.3 change log:
    - 2 new layouts, Toscana C and Toscana GPV (total 3 layouts).
    - WIP Camera set for the 3 layouts.
    - (very) WIP AI for the 3 layouts (Toscana GP AI by TibuszHun)
    - Added Start Light.
    - Added 3D grass for higher detail setting.
    - Various improvement on the surfaces.
    - Mesh closed on barriers.
    - Various tweak on shaders, textures and objects placement.
    - Hotlap start moved before last...
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