Toscana 0.51

Race track set in beautiful Toscana, 24 pitboxes, 4 layouts

  1. fastfab

    I present you my fictional track the Toscana Autodromo.

    Countless hours have been poured into this track, please rate and tip if you like it...:thumbsup:

    Don't be fooled by the 0.5 number, this is a well advanced track (go to the end to see more about futur updates)

    Release of 0.5

    It is set in the beautiful country side of Italian Tuscany.


    The track have now 4 layouts :
    Short: Toscana Centrale
    Regular: Toscana Gran Premio
    Regular with bypass: Toscana Gran Premio Veloce
    Long: Toscana Stradale


    The track features a hairpin, a bankturn, chicanes and a tunnel.
    The main track is a "8" that turns clockwise.
    The version right now is 0.5 with WIP AI and WIP replay cameras (AI for GP layout made by TibuszHun and AI for centrale corrected by AccAkut ;)).



    The road to 1.0:

    0.4 The long track update
    Add the longest track version suitable for endurance racing.

    0.5 The detail update
    Add track side details such as cranes, cameras, trucks, some scenery etc...
    Vegetation and trees overhaul.

    0.6 The people update
    Add people, crowd, flag, banner etc...
    Add and tweak camera set for replay.

    0.7 The road update
    Retexture road, sand and kerbs. Making smooth visual connection between them.
    Add skid marks and other surface effects.
    Add real local deformation and unique feel on the high definition physical road mesh.
    Tweak surface.ini.

    0.8 The AI update
    Trying to fix and optimise AI lines.
    Creating, fixing and tweaking interactive object and .ini files.

    0.9 The optimisation update
    Reduce draw calls. Consolidating objects, textures, materials, tweaking LOD, clipping, detail layers etc...

    1.0 The "mostly" final debug update
    Gathering a maximum bug from the community and fixing a maximum of them to be able to release a proper 1.0.

    1.1 and above
    No new content, just fixing remaining issues.


    1. toscana_logo.png
    2. toscana_09.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. aeioux
    Version: 0.51
    Very nice track!
    Very minor thing I noticed are the fake/trick light reflections in the tunnel - they look strange in single-seater/open-top cars! Haha. Great work, thank you.
  2. ruffy110
    Version: 0.51
    Probably one of the best tracks out there. Managed to get a 1:59.272 today on the Stradale layout in the 2015 919. Love this track.
  3. Foresight
    Version: 0.51
    great track, a must have, love it
  4. Slanky
    Version: 0.51
    Top track! Thank you for the update!
  5. Dajonaga
    Version: 0.51
  6. Velve666
    Version: 0.51
    Great track, a bit of autumn ring inspiration and thats awesome!
  7. Nakblade
    Version: 0.51
    attention : nous avons affaire ici a un des meilleurs track mod d'assetto corsa. téléchargez de toute urgence.
    encore Bravo
  8. DonutThing
    Version: 0.51
    This is the most detailed fictional track I've seen. Reminds me a lot of the GT fictional tracks
  9. nono57
    Version: 0.51
    Excellent track!! Thank you very much !!
  10. fabrizio piedepesante
    fabrizio piedepesante
    Version: 0.51
    Excellent. Thank you for removing the version prefix from the track name.
    Just one annotation; the autumn skin IMHO should have less saturation and I would not use the "purple" colour (I'd stick to orange/brown) since it looks fake (few "purplish" leaves makes sense but an entire purple tree definitely not).
  11. [Gargi]
    Version: 0.51
    Very great Track! Thanks for that!
    But there is a "Curb-Bug" in the "gli Cipressi" damaging lower KI-Cars like the Seat Leon EuroCup. They stop in Smoke in the "Pozzo" and get retired. After 15 Rounds I was the only Car remaining on the Track. :-/
    And of course the best Variant is missing: The "Stradale" with the Tamburo-Falconieri-Galleria-Combination. Would be just more lovely for Endurance-Races. ;)
  12. zgninja1111
    Version: 0.51
    Fantastic. With new asphalt texture it looks much better. Real beauty with real Italian taste, Old town on the hill, vineyard, aquaduct , perfect. I reccomend this track , must have category. Keep good work and pay attentin on the replay cameras because such great track deserve quality cam too. Congratulation !!!!!
  13. Jordan Dion
    Jordan Dion
    Version: 0.51
    I was skeptical because it is not a real track but...Honestly after trying it.. it is one of the best track I ever tried/ seen!
    For people who hesitates, download and try it now! You wont regret it ;) You get my money ;)
  14. Esteve Massot
    Esteve Massot
    Version: 0.51
    Genial. Muy buen trabajo.
  15. sardokard
    Version: 0.51
    Thank you.
    Great updates ! It's very nice to see an author answering to the users needs !
    And this track is really one of the best, deserve money !
    1. fastfab
      Author's Response
      Many thanks!
  16. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: 0.51
    Great. Love the updates. I am sorry to see that Alpinestars, Elf, Renault, Michelin etc billboard brands are no longer shown. Thank you for sharing.
    1. fastfab
      Author's Response
      They will come back ^^
      I will make several different branding of the track to choose from.

      Right now you can easily activate an italian branding with Content Manager, or just copy past the files (Pirelli, alitalia, martini racing etc...)
  17. sublime
    Version: 0.5
    I loveeee tracks that have amazing elevation changes. This one just hits the sweet spot! Thank you.
  18. MeltFire
    Version: 0.5
    Great improvements! The autumn skin is really nice looking!
  19. GermanLO
    Version: 0.5
    Simply brilliant.
  20. ACfan22
    Version: 0.5
    well done, the track just needs a few more "landmarks" (like the huge oil bottle) to make it stand out a little more and stay fresh as the months/versions go on. To keep the FPS up you may remove a few trees :-)

    quick tip:
    if you want the skins to show up in ContentManager, put them into a cm_skins subfolder (under the main skins one) so you will be able to freely select which one to use before every race
    1. fastfab
      Author's Response
      thanks good to know. I was asking myself that earlier today. ^^
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