Toscana cameras for 0.31

cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini cameras_4.ini

  1. Black Wagtail
    Add four cameras every layout
    ・cameras_1.ini  2
    ・cameras_2.ini  3
    ・cameras_3.ini  4
    ・cameras_4.ini  5

    -add Centrale
    -add Gran Premio
    -add Gran Premio Veloce
    Future  Stradale
    Future  Stradale Veloce

    un zip

    Track link

    Known Issues
    When an AI line is near or it crosses, a camera is sometimes confused

    Keyboard shortcuts 
    F1 : cycle car cameras
    F2 : random cameras
    F3 : track cameras
    F4 : sets camera on the player car (ver 1.11.0)
    F5 : pivot camera around the car
    F6 : cycle on-board cameras

    Gran Premio  cameras_1.ini  2
    Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-21-43.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-23-0.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-23-24.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-24-38.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-26-4.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-27-2.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-27-56.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-29-14.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-30-7.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_toscana_22-5-117-15-31-17.jpg

    Gran Premio  cameras_2.ini  3
    Gran Premio  cameras_3.ini  4
    Gran Premio  cameras_4.ini  5
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  1. K4rBonStig
    Version: for 0.31
    Nice work, many thanks! o/