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Toronto MotorSport Park ,Cayuga V 2.0 final verson (maybe)

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this is our local drift track, toronto motorosport park, located in cayuga,ontario,Canada. this is my first time making a track so suggestions are more then welcomed!
all walls have collisions on, rubble strips, dirt drops and media stands to get your shine on.
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Latest updates

  1. Cayuga Toronto Motorsport Park

    new and im pretty sure the final update, i dont think im missing anything else
  2. Toronto MotorSport Park ,Cayuga V 2.0

    I have added more objects and texture the track, enjoy!

Latest reviews

Great track, but for some reason it's built wrong way around so the lap timer won't work.
Really fun for a couple minutes but no lap timers ruins it for me
fun track i downloaded it as its close to my house just why does the lap timer work only if you go the wrong way around the track
Great! love having the ability to get familiar with a local track. Have only drove passenger on the real deal.
Love the track; good practice before I race on it this year. A start/stop line on the straight would be greatly appreciated from us hotlap guys. :D
Not too shabby! I can see that you tried rather hard to get the corners as accurate as possible. Definitely needs a few touch ups here and there (especially the width of the track in some sections) but overall very cool to see our local track in this game. Great work!
great thanx
Hey killag if you're still around. Couple suggestions if you're up for it.

1. Could you place a laptime start/stop somewhere on the straight so that AC could at least record lap times on the track? :)
2. (Not necessary just a recommend) The chicane mid track feels too wide. I feel like it's a little more narrow in real life. I know you can basically blast right through it in real life as well, but just seems a little extra wide in game?

Thanks man! Appreciate this.
Awesome work! Would be perfect if it had working lap timer
Pretty awesome, If you can upgrade the visuals..would be ****ing awesome haha. But PLEASE..please add some grip. It's perfect for drifting..but just way too slick for proper hot laps. Thanks for the effort so far, really cool to have this track on here. All the best :)
fun track
Good start man! I must say some corners feel a little too wide? Turn 1 as you turn in for the apex and in real life would follow through to the outside, it takes you right over that little grass section in game. Rumble strips need to be out further on the outside of the turn. Just feels wide for now, I think? I hope you're actively working on this because it's awesome that someone finally made it!
yeah she feels wide to me as well, i will update soon for sure, thank you for the tips!
Go here all the time! Thanks
Jumped into the Avia. Crashed into an invisible wall before I got out of the pits. REALLY? Deleted it.
the invisible wall should be gone now, give it another try and let me know, thanks
my home track, so great to see it on AC. If you think scenery or stuff is missing, there is not much on the real thing to put in. thanks for the work. now i need someone to do my vintage Zink FVee. okay, Roadrash