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Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place 2021

Toronto Indycar Exhibition Place 2021 1.0

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The track overall is great,having raced on it myself ,the bumps are alittle aggressive compared to what they are in real life but overall its a pretty good start!
Definitely one that I needed in AC. Love the track and thank you for making the fantastic effort to do this. Still some things to do to make it look and feel somewhat better. Definitely would earn 5 stars after some more work. Don't know if it's possible to bunch them up and add 4 more pit boxes at least. The lower grip is something I can cope with, but probably is a bit too much. The bumpy streets surface is missing on many places where I expect it, but is over pronounced on a couple of places where it wants to throw you straight into the walls. Pretty tricky. The walls are so thin in many places, which are actually just advertising panels so it's kind of killing immersion in replays. Oh the camera files were missing so I made my own here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/toronto-indycar-exhibition-place-cameras.43276/

To the Author, feel free to use and add my cameras to your possible next track version upload sometime.
Can't give it a good rating because it won't load.
After selecting track, it starts to load, then crashes back to track select screen.
This thing asked about previous comment, answer is this: I can see that track grip is too low, please check surface.ini file from data folder, there's grip value FRICTION=0.95 for ROAD and ASPHALT but what is the most weird thing is that the pitlane friction is 0.99 so there's best grip in pitlane???, that 0.95 for dry track surface is way too low,

I normally change road friction to 1.15 to make car feel more realistic but not too easy to drive, less than that is way too slippery in any car, like ice. I really do not understand Kunos way to add grip less than 1. I live in Finland and I know what the difference is between icy road and dry & hot road grip very well.
Something wrong with the grip, very slippery track. Is there any way to solve it?
Incredible work, AAA track, thx a lot!
I really have a lot of fun with it! :)
Its really fantastic Tyrone. I was hoping for a version of this circuit one day! Have to agree the bumps are about 50% too much and 24 pitboxes would be ideal for championships. Thanks again and keep it up. This is an awesome track!
I was looking for it yesterday !!! and not found..... 1000 thx !
Thanks, Ty...been waiting on a proper version of this circuit. Nice 1
I've been waiting for this track for months! I'm super happy to see this finally posted and can't wait to put a bunch of laps on it.
Tyrone, without a doubt, this is the best piece you have ever done, and you've done some good stuff.
Thank you so much, fantastic work!
Fantastic mate!! Please do more indycar circuits this is amazing!!
Good work so far. The UI states that it is a 'work in progress' so I'm going to treat it as such.
I'm not too fussed about the 20 pits thing (although maybe you could line the pits down both sides of the pit lane and leave room down the middle for the cars to drive past), but some of the bumps should be more subtle and the track badly needs replay cams. Some of the tarmac textures (mainly the one behind the start / finish line) could be improved too.
But as a work in progress, it's great, and will definitely be worthy of five stars with these fixes.
Beautiful work, but maybe the bumps are too much high...idk
really nice track, but the pit box does not work
thank you kind sir, great work as always!
thanks for this american circuit, can you get an update with maybe more pit boxes? at least 26 pits to make a race that reflects the real? thanks in advance