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TORO ROSSO STR12 2017 4K (RW Mod @muben_is) 1.2

Little more Blue. New Sponsor. Fix Rear Wing Side

  1. Daniel Paez
    TORO ROSSO STR12 2017 4K Versión 0.9
    Based on Espectacular Work by @muben_is.
    From Great Mod F1 2017 by Pedro XIII
    On Original Shape

    - Little more Blue (Still Reworking Colour's Details)
    - New Sponsor
    - Aggregate "by Red Bull" at "simple COLA" Banner on Rear Wing Sides
    - 4K High Definition Texture by @muben_is.
    - Cámeras by Pedro XIII

    Sorry for my Fatal English

    LONG LIFE FOR F1 2014!!