Toro Rosso 2015 Skin

Toro Rosso 2015 Skin 1.3 (Bug fix)

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:) Hello everyone! This is my 2015 toro rosso skin for F1 2014.
Don't expect a perfect livery from this. I did all I could and i haven't seen the 2015 livery of the car in real life. I hope you like it!

-P.S. It's my first EVER mod
:cool: (Just to look cool)

Tell me if there are any bugs so i can fix them.
Installation: Replace files in: Steam/steamapps/common/f12014/cars/tr2

Note that i will propably do only five - six updates, that aren't big. :thumbsup:

Please rate this mod, I want to know what people think of my first ever mod here in Racedepartment.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed a bug where the numbers were not looking how they were supposed to.

    I fixed a bug with the numbers. It's all good now! :thumbsup:
  2. Number and Spanish flag updates to the car

    I have updated the numbers on the car to look more like real life and have updated the Spanish flag.
  3. Made some colours of the livery darker

    I've made the red and gold colours slightly darker