Tor Łódź 0.4 alpha

Driving Technique Improvement Center near Łódź, Poland

  1. Marcin L
    Track located near Łódź, Poland: length 1.5 km, width 8-12 m. Track is a part of Driving Technique Improvement Center.

    This is my first mod for Assetto Corsa and I am still learning, so please be patient as new updates will be provided soon. Current alpha version is fine for testing and hot lap, for race it has only 2 pit boxes.


    1. Tor_Lodz_3.jpg
    2. Tor_Lodz_2.jpg
    3. Tor_Lodz_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Whizzing_Spoon
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    Not bad, but 'flat' texures makes it hard to understand shape of track on POV. Ive been on this track few times irl and general shape and mapping are pretty good. Sadly, its works only with cars from base game. I hope this project isn't dead, and we'll see some updates and upgrades.
  2. Michal Maslowski
    Michal Maslowski
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    super! można nauczyć się toru zanim go otworzą :)
  3. pikaman
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    Keep it up! 4 stars to balance the previous bad rates.
    It's an alpha version, guys! And it's easy to understand...
    Read the title should be enough...
  4. rauf00
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    2 words - looks scary
    i'll come back as soon as this nice little track stand up from knees, until then beware
    Assetto shouldn't even allow loading such raw staff ;(
  5. Enpassant
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    So far... two stars... :) but looking forward! The circuit is not to long for epic Grand Prix, but will be great for drifters. Sam jestem z miasta Łodzi i trzymam kciuki!
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