Tor Łódź 0.4 alpha

Driving Technique Improvement Center near Łódź, Poland

  1. Marcin L
    Track located near Łódź, Poland: length 1.5 km, width 8-12 m. Track is a part of Driving Technique Improvement Center.

    This is my first mod for Assetto Corsa and I am still learning, so please be patient as new updates will be provided soon. Current alpha version is fine for testing and hot lap, for race it has only 2 pit boxes.


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    3. Tor_Lodz_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Michal Maslowski
    Michal Maslowski
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    super! można nauczyć się toru zanim go otworzą :)
  2. pikaman
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    Keep it up! 4 stars to balance the previous bad rates.
    It's an alpha version, guys! And it's easy to understand...
    Read the title should be enough...
  3. rauf00
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    2 words - looks scary
    i'll come back as soon as this nice little track stand up from knees, until then beware
    Assetto shouldn't even allow loading such raw staff ;(
  4. Enpassant
    Version: 0.4 alpha
    So far... two stars... :) but looking forward! The circuit is not to long for epic Grand Prix, but will be great for drifters. Sam jestem z miasta Łodzi i trzymam kciuki!