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Top Gear Dunsfold Aerodrome 0.90b

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Top Gear track made by Tuttle.

Update V0.90B - Changelog:

New Top Gear Training Version added. Traffic cones are now helping to find the line. Just keep black/orange at your left side and orange/white at your right side.
The grass is less bumpy and with more grip to help some out of road approaches.
Fixed Tarmac to Grass edge physics. Now cutting the bentley turn is less risky.
Fixed collision feeling for Cones impacts
Fixed HDR profile for TT cars
Light Rubbering profile added for a pre-rubbered track

Installing procedure:

Just put the components in your package folder, install like normal, and right click "update" on the Dunfold mod manager (you have to see a little asterisk before the update).


Know Issues:

Trees edges and every object using the Chroma blending will looks bad (flashing and edges popping ups) because the Transparency AA is actually disabled by ISI for singleplayer (it's still available just for the viewer), but I guess will be turned on again in next builds.
Possible AIs collision in pitlane due some not aligned "garages".
Sometimes you can get yellow flags even after a crash cleaned out.
No side cameras yet. Everybody wants to create some good cams package is welcome...

Tire Stacks are ATM single sided so I've to fix the main istance for next updates.
Some small collision objects around the road has been disabled until the soft collision model is fully implemented.
The far side of the track (pitlane) is totally unfinished, so do not worry about the rubbish stuff all around...

Some special thanks and credits;

Manfred Jahn, for the FSX C47/DC3 license of usage and model optimization for rF2.
Ethone, for the AIW editing
Luc Van Camp and Michael Borda, for the priceless help
Mike Cantwell, for the nice Dunsfold picture package who helped my finding some good details....

Actually I'm getting a solid 60fps with my aged HD6870 and forcing a Standard 8x Adaptive Multisampling AA (the setting I used for screenshots) on the CCC.
All settings are maxed out except for shadows blur turned off. The HDR profile is called Aggressive Clear. I hope something will change for the incar light histogram, because as it is now is almost impossible to get a good view with HDR for non-OW cars. I tried to compensate the problem managing both gamma and autoexposure for daylights, this helps a bit but the massive overexposure on cockpit view are still there.

I hope you'll enjoy the track.

Some driving tips:


TURN 1 (Crooner Curve) - 3/4th gear for slow cars, 5th gear for racing/GT/supercars

The first turn is barely a turn at all, although it sometimes demands a dab on the brakes to stop you piling into the next corner too quickly.

TURN 2 (Willson) - 4th gear for slow cars, 3th gear for racing/GT/supercars

The first proper turn on the track, ad the first corner you usually see on TV when Stig's lapping a car. Don't let the bump on the way in unsettle the car, and let it run wide on the way out.

TURN 3 (Chicago) - 3/4th gear for slow cars, 2th gear for racing/GT/supercars

It's hard on the brakes and around the tyre wall. Designed by the big brains at Lotus, this is what they call a "steady state corner", designed to sniff out under-steer or over-steer in badly setup chassis.

TURN 4 (Hammerhead) - 3/4th gear for slow cars, 2th gear for racing/GT/supercars

It's very hard on the brakes for a left and right flick through here. Go in too fast and you'll get horrible understeer. And remember not to jump back on the throttle too soon or you'll make a mess of the exit.

TURN 5 (Follow Through) - 5th gear for slow cars, 4th gear for racing/GT/supercars

You can really open the taps for this sweeping right-hander.

TURN 6 (Bentley) - 4th gear for slow cars, 5th gear for racing/GT/supercars

At the end of Follow Through comes this full throttle jink between the tyres and the grass. GO in tight to the apex and brace yourself as the car thumps hard over the worn-way join at the end of the tarmac.

TURN 7 (Bacharach) - 4th gear for slow cars, 3th gear for racing/GT/supercars

Go hard on the brakes again and try to get your line right as you drive into the second to last corner. It is easy to lose it here.

TURN 8 (Gambon) - 4th gear for slow cars, 2/3th gear for racing/GT/supercars

Get on the brakes again and flick it in for the last corner. It's easy to get a car drifting here (someone almost flipped lol).


To get the pit you've to go straight on the main runway, missing the Bacharach turn, until the last red/white plastic barrier at the end of the Runway, and turn to the left in the main pitlane.
TOP GEAR - DUNSFOLD TRACK - WIP 2012 by Entropyxel
[Thanks to Mike Cantwell for a lot of pictures of the track]


Hi all. This is my WIP on Dunsfold track, made from scratch for rFactor 2.

The project will include 7 differents layouts:

- Top Gear Test Track (first release)
- Drag Mile
- West Loop
- East Loop
- East+West Loop
- External Loop (main track around the airport)
- Multicar race circuit (based on a mix of the Top Gear layout and the external track)
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Ian Franssen
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