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Togliatti Ring v0.95 Map 1.0

Togliatti Ring v0.95 Map

  1. Paul Middleton
    Paul Middleton
    Version: 1.0
    I like the way youu set the track out, one problem i noticed when you go into your 1 2 3 tight Chicane. the first corner isnt marked out very well and is very confusing part of the track. good idea i like it but its confusing. the others corners are fine you even used cones to help users see that last tight corner. i believe some cones would fix the issue. once you know about that 1st corner you get used to it but it needs a fix. and i don't really like the track texture it feels dated. if you added a more up to date more pleasing track texture and fix that first Chicane corner you'd have a winner. oh and the chicane you made up that long road on your way back to the start id prefur it was a nice fast straight. You have some good ideas for tracks and id like to see more from you. but id like to see this map updated. thanks alot for your hard work. its good. but just needs a bit more work. id really like to see it updated.
  2. TripleFlashbang
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks, really needed that fot this track. Original map was a little bit too difficult to guess the right way to drive.
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