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TOCA British USF2000 Championship S7 0.8

Custom Championship Skin Pack

  1. Added final two teams

    Joseph Wright
    I apologise for this being a bigger break between v0.7 and v0.8 than other versions. There will be a short break while the driver suits are all made and added for v0.9. v1.0 will be released once all 45 driver helmets are made, and added to the file. We are almost there!

    • Johnny Stathoros (reserve) appearing in race meetings when only full time drivers are selected has been addressed.
    • McLaren Honda Racing...
  2. Added Martini and Andretti Teams

    Joseph Wright
    • Martini Racing Team
      • #76 James Rossiter
      • #4 Lewis Kingdom
      • #13 Stu Ingram*
      • Driver suits (only available via .rfcmp)
      • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
    • Andretti Autosport
      • #22 Abby Matthewson*
      • #56 Alexis Ainsworth*
      • #41 Irvin Monday*
      • Driver suits (only available via .rfcmp)
      • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
    20190416105814_1.jpg 20190416110026_1.jpg
  3. Fixed missing .rfcmp file

    Joseph Wright
    • Missing .rfcmp file can now be downloaded via a link in the ReadMe file included.
    Thanks to the .rfcmp issue being overcome, these have now been added
    • Driver suits for Halfords Honda Yuasa Racing Team
    • Driver suits for James Acaster Racing
    • Driver suits for Stenden/NHL Racing Team
    • Custom, unique helmets for all 3 Stenden/NHL Racing Team drivers
  4. Added Two New Teams

    Joseph Wright
    Note: The .rfcmp file is stuck at v0.5 due to file size error. Therefore I will be attempting to rectify this issue within the next few hours.


    • Greek Racing Team nose cone decals are now central.
    • Halfords Honda Yuasa Racing Team
      • #66 Nick Cassidy
      • #11 Tibby Wright*
      • #26 Krzystztof Maj
      • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
    • James Caster Racing
      • #71 Kreshnik Halili
      • #19...
  5. Added RaceDepartment Racing Team

    Joseph Wright
    • RaceDepartment Racing Team (Mazda)
      • #99 Elfyn Evans
      • #10 Daniel Watkin
      • #51 Ernest Booth*
      • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
  6. Added Limp Home Motorsport and Greek Racing Team

    Joseph Wright
    New to this version:

    • Limp Home Motorsport (BMW)
      • #16 Craig Patteson
      • #25 Fernando Deutsch
      • #98 Ian Ackerman*
      • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
    • Greek Racing Team (Mazda)
      • #87 Peter Young
      • #5 Byron Polley*
      • #21 Johnny Stathoros
      • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
  7. Moved all liveries into part 1 (added new team)

    Joseph Wright
    After realising why the first download was so big (due to the .rfcmp file), I have removed that from Part 1. Instead, all liveries will be found here, and part 2 will only include the .rfcmp file (which is just an optional download).

    Hopefully this makes things easier for both you and I to find all the liveries, and keep updated with new versions.

    • All liveries now in part 1
    • .rfcmp file removed from part 1 and added to part 2
    • Lotus...
  8. 2 New Teams (Added Part 2 - Due to large file size)

    Joseph Wright
    • Red Bull Racing Renault
      • #78 Jessica Simmons
      • #17 Karl Little
      • #73 Mark Webber
      • Photoshop file to edit custom driver numbers/names

    Available in Part 2:
    • Oreo Motorsport
      • #44 Abi McGowan
      • #20 Charles Baccio
      • #15 Louis Deltra
  9. Fixed error in .rfcmp file

    Joseph Wright
    After I spotted an error in the .rfcmp file, I decided to investigate and fix it. As I wanted to refrain from a pointless update, it includes another lovely addition - the Laser Tools Racing Monster Energy machine.

    • .rfcmp file lacking the necessary .veh files


    • Laser Tools Racing Monster Energy:
      • 1st Driver: #6 Tobias Rohner
      • 2nd Driver: #29 Jeremy Brewer
      • Reserve: #7 Jann Mardenborough...
  10. Added Stenden/NHL Racing Team

    Joseph Wright
    Version 0.2

    Added Stenden/NHL Racing Team which includes:
    • #2 Joseph Wright
    • #54 Allie Ferrie
    • #45 Kyle Ferrie (Reserve)
    • Template to add custom driver names/numbers
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