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Toban Raceway 0.78

rFactor2 Toban Raceway Circuit by Vicent Sollana

  1. Craig Booth
    WIP Toban Raceway Circuit, converted by Vicent Sollana. Version 0.78.

    Toban Raceway is a fantasy track created for rFactor1 by ISI.


    Release notes:

    - It is not finished.
    - Racing at night not possible yet, I'm still looking for good configurations.
    - Wet track is possible.
    - AI still needs a lot of work.
    - Marshals will be included in upcoming updates.
    - There are 7 HD profiles, the last one is Toban_BloomV6
    - The trees are currently in 2D, there will be updates with more trees including 3D ones.

    Please uninstall any previous versions in order avoid conflicts.

    Consider that the circuit is unfinished, not by far, keep that in mind when you download it.

    Special thanks to.....Mario Morais, Jka, K Szcech, Feels3, Tuttle and ethone who helped me a lot. Sorry if I left anyone out, I really recieved a lot of help from a lot of people.

    Thanks for the testers who helped find bugs, ceSniper, Juanchio, Hoover, tjc, tosch.

    Thanks to tosch for making the profiles,thanks a lot.

    And also thanks to my girlfriend for her support and for not leaving me.[​IMG]

    Thanks to the ISI crowd for allowing people like me who enjoy doing this.

    And Happy new year to all of you,[​IMG]
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