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tnc3 Honda

tnc3 Honda 1.1

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Latest reviews

I'd give you ten dollars if you could make it so that I didn't have my ears absolutely assaulted by the audio on startup, and I have my volume set rather quite low.

Sorry, but that was simply atrocious.
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Great car i all aspects. But that "Sound by.." message scared the sh*t out of me! Is there a way to mute that? Or at least lower the volume.
Upvote 9
Impresionante todo, el sonido la conduccion, de lo mejor que existe lejos!!!!
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Awesome mod...car has a soul...being in VR detail matters...so good inside the car..animations excellent and that sound...sooooogoood
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great car and sound mate keep it up
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Nono, se pasaron con esto, esta increible, el sonido, el manejo todo. Cada dia mejor!
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Good job well done.
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No amigo, te pasaste, loco cualquiera que lo descargue y le guste un poco el sim racing debe estar delirando con tu mod, te felicito y un millon de gracias por compartirlo
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Top quality mod, really good sound.
Exelente como siempre!
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Top quality mod
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tremendo mod, felicitaciones, segui igual!!!!
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Raw and grippy, fun to race against the focus, love the cables and zip tie details onboards, excellent work.
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Es una locura esto! 10/10 No pares nunca de darnos alegrías.
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Bueno me voy a hacer la ... y vuelvo
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