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Time Attack - Checkpoint Sound Removal 1.0

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This mini-mod removes the Assetto Corsa Time Attack 'Score' and 'Lost' sounds.

They are quite loud and annoying for some players, but the game will not run time attack without the files.

These are replacement dummy sound files in the same sound format, and same bitrate as the originals, but are silent.

Copy the 'assettocorsa' folder from the 'mod' folder into YourSteamInstallDrive:\steam\steamapps\common\

The original sound files are stored in the 'original' folder as a back-up should you wish to remove the mod

Graham Laing
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OMG thank you!
Graham Laing
Graham Laing
You're welcome :)
Thanks for solving my only frustration with the game so far :)
Graham Laing
Graham Laing
Thanks. Once I heard it today on track, I knew it had to go for sure. :)
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