Thruxton (ST edition) 0.95

Thruxton for the super touring cars

  1. AndreasFSC
    Thruxton SuperTouring Edition for Race07

    thruxton.jpg thruxton2.jpg thruxton5.jpg thruxton6.jpg thruxton7.jpg

    This is a scratch made Thruxton track made by Lacercutter for Rfactor.

    From the description of the original Rfactor version:

    "This is a nearly finished version of Thruxton that I've been building on and off over the last couple of years,
    it quite often gets left for several months before I find the time and inclination to spend a few hours working on it,
    it has got to the stage where I decided to release it as it's just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing.
    A slightly different version of it was released at a few sites some months back for beta testing but I got so little feedback I thought I'd just let everyone else have a go.
    This track has 3d crowds which can be disabled by lowering track detail."

    "Hope you like and enjoy the track and I'll try to check in and see what issues people have found (I fully expect this to struggle on low end PC's)"

    I have got permission to convert it and to make a version for my Super Touring cars.
    The track should show up in SuperTouring category, but it can be changed in the gdb file:
    ( Category = SuperTouring )

    * Adjusted fuel usage calculation to make it less likely that ai cars running out of fuel and pit at last lap in rain.

    * Deleted 'output.trk' (automaticly made by 3dsimEd)
    * Updated .aiw file for new Super Touring physics
    * Updated fog and lights settings again for slightly different color balance

    * Edited a lot of textures and fog settings for slightly different color balance
    * Edited some texture mip maps and mip map bias.
    * Edited fastline and pits to suit the low steer lock of super touring cars
    * Reduced 3d crowd and edited LOD distance for better framerate (more work can be done here)
    * Edited replay cameras
    * A lot of other minor tweaks

    All credits to Lacercutter for making the track and allowing me to convert it.



Recent Reviews

  1. alex69722
    Version: 0.9
  2. humanbooks31
    Version: 0.5
    excellent,thank you very much.
  3. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: 0.5
    very nice work, cleaned up and looking good, no issues on my end !
  4. JTC_CWB
    Version: 0.5
  5. SVP Skins
    SVP Skins
    Version: 0.5
    Brilliant Work by both Lacercutter and yourself Andreas. Really nice feel to this version. can have a proper good battle with other ST Cars. 5/5
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