Thruxton AI 2017-07-20

New track limits, AI + hints for Thruxton

  1. Fabian Biehne
    New track limits, AI + hints for Thruxton.
    Have fun!

    The track can be found here

    GT3 cars drive around 1:11.5-1:12.5 on 100% strength, track set to fast.

    Just unzip and copy the specific track folder to your assettocorsa\content\tracks, it will automatically copy the new ai + hints to the correct folder. Perhaps make sure to keep your old AI files if you don't like the new ones.
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Recent Reviews

  1. HeavyGroovez
    Version: 2017-07-20
    Much improved line, GT3s are doing low 1:10s so you get a proper race and will need a really good setup to win. Great work mate.
    1. Fabian Biehne
      Author's Response
      Thanks, good to hear!
  2. rubencer
    Version: 2017-07-20
    Thanks a lot for your work!!!!
  3. darkelf1
    Version: 2017-07-20
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