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This is F1 (2013 Edition) 1.0

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"This is F1 (2013 Edition)" is only a performance mod. You can add to your game without worries, it will not corrupt your game.

This is F1 changes:

  • Now AI will make a better start races, and they will block you more aggressive if you try to overtake them.
  • AI now brake later but they will not loose speed over the lap time and they will not crash.
  • AI will try to overtake you more often.
  • The "slow train" that always occurs when the race starts and often let you overtake easily, no longer happens the way it used to.
  • AI cars with damage throttle will lower their performance by 32% (approximately).
*Note: In qualifying don't accelerate time, let the ai make their own lap it will be faster. AI now is at least 1 second faster.
*Make a backup of your "ai" and "cars" folders, then copy and overwrite the files with the mod ones. If you are happy with the actual ai lap times, only copy de "ai" folder provided.

Hey Kevin Scholefield ! I hope this is now a challenge for you, if you still feel the game too easy just tell me, I can make them a bit more harder. :)

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Good job, bro!
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