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Thermalito 1.01

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"Circuit Thermalito is a fictional race track of a real life location in Thermalito, California.
Based around a hydroelectric dam, the 5.229km main course races around the water’s edge and through two tunnels inside the dam itself with a challenging selection of corners, plenty of overtaking opportunities and a wide variety of elevation changes. Also for lower category cars and events, there are an extra two configurations;

the West configuration of the circuit which consists of the slower, more technical sections and
the East configuration which makes use of the faster, sweeping sections and also features a brand new start and pit area.

The paddock and main grid can support immediate access to the podium and VIP conference centre outside of T1. Facilities also include a complete lighting system for night/endurance racing and main/backup tv cameras.
- @Woffin - "DDF Racer"




  • 3 challenging layouts
  • 30 pit/grid (20 for East layout)
  • CSP VAO, grassFX, lightsFX, rainFX, waterFX, alltheFX

@Woffin - original model and permissions for conversion

@rmi_wood - conversion
@Shi - physical mesh, layouts, pits/grid, VAO, cam/AI
@racealot - extended lighting, race cameras, AI (big thanks and great AI tune!)
@TheRealCeeBee - Jumbotron configuration
@rt_team - blimp replacement

Latest updates

  1. fix for hole on right side

    - fix for hole on right side thanks to @Woffin for the feedback

Latest reviews

Beautiful track! Thanks!
Great track.
Thanks, excellent rFactor track ;)
Excellent work.
Awesome track, well done!
Super work, only one thing CM reports it as version 0.95
yes, hmm... Thanks, forgot to update all the layout CM ui info. Will update that when another fix or update is posted.
I can't begin to thank you enough for taking on this project and bringing my creation from rFactor 1 back to life in a much more modern and accessible sim. Being able to run a multiclass race at night in the Porsche GTE or blast through the tunnels in a turbo hybrid era F1 car was something I couldn't have dreamed of 15 years ago. I can only hope that everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.
Good conversion but AI line could be better in some parts of the track like around the tunnel, thanks!
Thanks for the feedback. Honestly... the AI cant get much better as much much testing was made on all layouts, Perhaps the next patch can see some ai_hints to compliment.
Got to love having a Straight named after you "Aka Sticky Straight" :D awsome work mate
Yessss finally! :D
Love it!
Great, thank you!
Awesome buddy
File size
62.8 MB
First release
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User rating
4.92 star(s) 13 ratings

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