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The Setup Market 0.6.4

No permission to download
Amazing app!
Have loaded it and was able to tick the box on the options/general screen, but cant find it in the game? what am i doing wrong?
Amazing, thanks a lot.
thanks, now ready to race!!!
best app
Good app, I use it to try and find a basseline I like as the AC defaults are generally undriveable. I will then hotlap and tweak till i find my fastest setup. Some setups are nice, some not, but the ease of getting them d/l is what makes the app.

My only issue with the app is the white text on a yellow background, if there was an option to change to black text it would make it easier to read for my eyes (I do have eye problems that don't help this so appreciate I may be a minority in regard to this).
great tool, thanks to everybody how is sharing
I like the idea but i can't find any setup! do i need to register first? Driving with the formula hybrid 2019 in barcelona gp
I've changed the tabs (current,any, other tracks) but nothing can be found! Please help and i'll rate this 5 stars as it deserves
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
You dont need to register. The formula 2019 has not been added yet in the system I believe. Send me the folder name via the support tab and I'll add it. Also, I'm pretty sure the app shows 'Car is not available yet' in the interface.
Very helpfull, thanks a lot !
Excelent app
I use this app alot. Easy 5 stars.-
Deserves 5 stars!
Nice, ty!!!
an option to not download setups searching on google. sadly i registered. but the confirmation mail was not on my mail. i get the same issue as grinskin. i'll send on pm the mail.
Love this App. Use it alot
Well YES !!! I do enjoy this APP of yours.
I like driving - i do not like Tuning.
So for me it is THE way enjoying AC with no annoying :)
Only way for me to have a decent set up.
Maybe, it's a really good app, but unfortunately I cannot find it into my asseto corsa...I did the same that on the explainations but....I'm still looking for it...What should I do to fix it?
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Try to post in the support tab.
Thanks. Helps a lot
helps me a hell of a lot
Thx for that app. it help a lot whit learning how to set-up.
U should find a way to force people give a rating of the set up after using it and the best set up will be more easy to find ?
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Forcing a user to do retroaction is not exactly welcomed usually :) I agree more rating would help, but at the same time its so tied to driving styles that it might not mean the same for every drivers.
fantastic app
Fantastic app ... Great work...Thanks
Very useful, love it. Please hold it in!
Awesome App very useful.
Could be improved immensely if the People using it would stop being lazy and give their setups a unique name but that's not the creators problem, Just our community lol
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
I agree completely. I'm a bit OCD on that front and name my setups with as much info possible in the filename :D
love it!thx
Every racer needs this
Thank you so much!
a nearly flawless must-have app.
Thanks for the great work.
I unfortunately cant log in, as I misplaced the email for verifying my account, and now i cant log in, is there anything you can do to help?
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Sure thing, just PM me the address you used to register and I'll do it manually for you.
nice app helps a lot
top AC app, very helpful, works nicely.
Works for me!! thanks a lot.
Great, just works, no issues
Excellent! Great App if you need a baseline setup foryour car. Very intuitive to use.
very nice application !!

just a question I cannot upload a setup. Is an account needed?

I am not able to follow the point 8 because i don t have any upload section
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Yes, to upload a setup you need to have an account and link it with steam from your thesetupmarket profile page. This is needed to keep track/stats for each user and keep to data as clean as possible.
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