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A few months back, I created, a web app allowing setups sharing. I had back then plans to make an AC app to allow setups downloading directly from the game. After months of research and hard work (and few months of laziness), here is, at last, The Setup Market Assetto Corsa App.


  • List all setups found in The Setup Market database for the current car, with their specs (track, author, trim, rating, best laptime, downloads, AC version, setup version)
  • Filter setups:
    • Setups specific to the current track
    • Setups created as a base for any tracks
    • Setups created for other tracks
  • Download setups directly into the corresponding car/track folder
  • Upload or update your setups from the app. (You will need a account and then link it with your steam account via a button in your profile page.)
  • Rate the setups you download
How To:
  1. Extract the content of the zip file and copy the two folder (apps and content) to your '[where your steam installation is]/Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/' folder (use 'extract here' when the the file is in the assetto corsa folder)
  2. Load the game and check The Setup Market in options > general
  3. Load a session, get on track and click on The Setup Market icon on the app bar on the right
  4. Download any setups you want, then go back in the pits. In the setup file selector, you will probably have to change track folder and click back to your current track folder to see the newly downloaded setups. Click on the new setup file, click load, and hopefully enjoy a great setup :)
  5. Make sure to cycle through the 3 types by clicking on the button on the left, right below the setups list. You will find setups that are 'Current Track' (created for the current track, regardless of the layout), 'Any Tracks' (created as a baseline for any tracks) and 'Other tracks' (created for other tracks).
  6. You can click on the 'Refresh' button if you think that a new setup was uploaded while you are on track (this will be particularly useful when/if setup upload from the app is available). The operation can take a few seconds, so be 'patient' :)
  7. Click the rate button beside the download icon, choose the rating you want to give and click the send button to give other users a heads up on how good you think the setup is.
  8. For uploading, just select the file you want to upload (which have to be inside the setups folder of the car/track you are on) by clicking on the button on the left of the upload section. Then you can choose the trim and if the setup you want to upload is specific to the track you are on or is good for any tracks.
  9. To update, just click on the update button, click 'select' on the setup you want to update and change its properties with the menu that will appear on the right.
The 3 sections of the download section:
  1. 'Current Track': The setups you will find in this section were created for the track you are currently on, regardless of the layout. That means that setups created for the track you are currently on but for a different layout will be listed in this section too. The layout will be displayed in the track column.
  2. 'Any Tracks': The setups you will find in this section were uploaded as a baseline setup for the car, not for any tracks in particular. This is useful with road car especially since they usually have not too many setups options, so one setup can work for every tracks.
  3. 'Other Tracks': The setups you will find in this section were created for another track than the one you are currently on. This can be useful since you can search a setup for a track that shares similarities with the one you are currently on. Again, you will see the track for which the setup has been created in the Track column.

Hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Mathieu Labbé
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Latest updates

  1. Fix for fetching server error.

    This is mainly a fix for the people that kept getting a 'fetching server...' message that...
  2. Crucial update - Server overload fix

    Important: All users should upgrade to this 0.6.2 version. Due to recent server overload, I had...
  3. hotfix 'fetching server' not updating

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  4. Rating system implemented

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Latest reviews

thank you alot i didnt know this app exist omg what i missed all this years 2-3sec faster everwere ,im so bad at setups and this helped me so much

Thanks Alot for the free App and all your work
Great !!
Excellent, it works!
Doesn't work ... Fetching server ... please help !
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Look at the support section, there is a fix in the last page. I can't upload an update yet since RD is crashing at the moment but as soon as they fix it I'll upload the fix here. Thanks.
Thx. Really enjoying this app and its content.
Good app.! i linked my steam Profile to my setup market account. activated the game in the sim but if i click on the market app symbol i read only "Fetching Server" can see any setup in the game?
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
There still might be times in the day where the server is struggling with too many requests (european evenings are the worst form what I see in monitoring). I'm hoping it will improve as more people upgrade to v0.6.2.

If the problem persist, write me a msg in the support thread with the py_log.txt and I'll be glad to help :)
Much improved speed compared to pre-v0.6.2, upload takes a few seconds, but fetching the setup list is almost instantly.

Thank for the update.
Giving you 5 stars for the app! Thanks for your efforts and time you invested in this killer-app :)
Yesterday (8th August) it was still slow (living in Germany) and it didn´t fetch the server.
Anyway I like it a lot and got some setups over the last couple months, that really improved my lap-times on a few tracks.
Keep it up man!
I also saw that video from GamerMuscle with your app. You or your app getting more popular via Youtube. :)
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Thanks for the kind words! Yes it should still be slow (well the app v0.6.2 should still be faster than 0.6.1), it will gradually improve as more people stop using versions prior to 0.6.2 as it reduce the load on the server. I'm working on speeding things up in other ways in the meantime :)
Great stuff Mathieu. Been using it for a while now. As you stated, it was a little bit slow, the last couple of days.

Now, no problems. Lightning fast! Keep up the good work, kudos!
Thanks for the update zero wait time now. Gamer Muscle rated your App in a video, looks like that caused your server over load.
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Thanks, good to know that its faster know. And yes, maybe GamerMuscle shine to mush light on the app, the server couldn't handle it :)
One of the most useful app in AC
Thank you ;)
It appears to work correctly now. Anyway, I do not give you 4 or 5 stars because I can't accept you to insult me, just because you are not be given the stars you wanted to be given in the early version.
You shouldn't offend and insult your customers if they, honestly, score your software poorly, if it does not work properly.
Don't be rude, and everything will be ok.
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Dear Ret, after reading again my reply to the PM you sent me, I really can't see any insult on my part. My response had nothing to do with me not liking the poor rating, but because you didn't even try to understand the issues the service was having, but instead just gave bad words and insulted my (free for everyone) work in MP. I just think your bad words were far from justified, as, you know, it works correctly now, less than 12 hours later...

Also, I have no 'customers', just users that are using a free service that I pay for, in both hosting fees and time spent.

Like I said, have a good one.
Best App!!!
I finally could getting my account confirmed, but I had to "cheat" the site. Anyway the website works like hell!!
Mathieu Labbé
Mathieu Labbé
Finally an honest review! Thanks for bringing my mood up while I work on a solution for the slow website!
Website is bit slow but app is handy dandy ;-)
Just perfect !
Terrific app.
Makes trying setups and uploading much, much easier.
Keep up the great work!