The Real Driving Simulation 0.5

GRID2 Realistic driving project (or semi-sim) First Pre Alpha 01 POC

  1. Acura
    GRID2 The Real Driving Simulation MOD Project WIP Pre Alpha01 POC

    I would like to start a mod to improve this game, grid1 quality and had a very interesting style, but this second installment is out of place, completely artificially, arcade rail drift ..

    I would like to start a project to create something like a simulator, or semi-sim, the egoengine has great potential if you play the right keys actually ...

    I'll put in short, a proof of concept, still has some problems, it's just a test, but I think the idea will like in general, this is going to take some work, if anyone believes that we can help spread the workload among some people that are dedicated to a specific car.

    Definitive characteristics of the project:

    -New realistic driving physics
    -No more Drift scripted
    -Realistic damages
    -Realistic IA
    -Realistic TYRE GRIPS


    -Carrer mode without save game compatibility for now
    -Brake issues
    -Other issues

    Greetings to ALL

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