The Mist 1.3b

Alternative smoke mod incl. grass/dust, pieces and new texture for Drift or Racing

  1. Zink
    Screenshot_ferrari_458_gt2_spa_16-7-116-20-17-27.jpg So, the intention behind this is to have more smoke present mainly for accidents or for drifters, or movie clips, or whatever. I think it adds a lot of immersion. But the possibilities are very limited. Besides the fact that smoke creation is not dependent on heat or affected by motion, but only slip/contact, which means a lot of restriction in terms of versatility and realism, there are still a few functions missing that could create a better or more universal result. But it's not available, so i made 3 variations for the tyre smoke.

    The drifter is the thickest and with the longest duration (FPS hit is inevitable but depending on your system, should be manageable)
    The small (primarily for Start situations) configuration, is the least FPS infringing as it cuts out very early. The medium ( primarily for lock-up situations) is a longer/bigger, but both should work alright for lockup and start scenarios alike. I've also created a new texture, but the size is not much bigger than the default either.

    In any case, as always, BE SURE to make a back up of YOUR ORIGINAL files before installation. Either rename it or put it on another partition/hard drive/folder. I have included the original default files too, if that's what your preset was.

    The path of them is as follows:
    * For tyre smoke configuration .ini files location (tyre_pieces, tyre_smoke, tyre_smoke_grass):
    ... assettocorsa/system/cfg
    * For the smoke_0 texture location:
    ... assettocorsa/content/texture

    If you have feedback, feel free to let me know. Else I hope you get something out of it and enjoy.
    Sorry i can't post a video, as the video file is always choppy, although i'm well above 60 fps. It's probably due to my ancient CPU...
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Recent Reviews

  1. James Coyle
    James Coyle
    Version: 1.3b
    It's a real shame AC doesn't simulate this better. Would be nice to have overheated tires spew thick smoke for longer not just when traction is broken. It really doesn't look great as the smoke suddenly appears when you're already part way through a drift or lockup.

    I have to say though this is a massive improvement. I seem to get about 4 dropped frames with the heaviest smoke setting with one car but haven't tried a race start yet so that might be quite bad. Can't really fault the mod that much but it's not exactly what I wanted unfortunately though it looks like Kunos needs to put some work in to make that happen.
    1. Zink
      Author's Response
      Yes, definitely limited. Granted, it's great they even make it available for reconfiguration. I'd imagine it shouldn't be too difficult to have opacity and size according to temperature. I mean, it is modeled so a link to that action would help a lot with the awkwardness that are start scenarios. Those are a huge bother for me when i was working on this. It's just inevitable to run into issues when you want to have great smoke for lock-ups, yet small with cold tyres at a start.

      If you want to tinker with it or have questions. feel free to post in the 'support' thread. maybe i can help in some way
  2. jimke2
    Version: 1.1
    very bad mod, no smoke, only litle with drift file and always black smoke in grass (amd R9 270 new drivers, 1080, all settings high, (smoke generator normal-high-ultra) and author use fake photos in this threat, the grass smoke is black
    1. Zink
      Author's Response
      Those photos aren't fake (what would be the point of that anyway?), they're from v1.0 which was too intense, imo, so I've reduced the duration/amount (I might have gone too conservative). If you have a go using that version without pp filters, you'll see they're not "fake" (i'll make a note on the previews)
      Regarding the grass, i have no idea under what circumstance it could possibly turn out black for you...
  3. jet399
    Version: 1.1
    I like it, much better than kunos'. However i think the grass one is a bit too dark
    1. Zink
      Author's Response
      Yes, that can easily be, especially when you use pp filters. I've set it up to be able to use without as it would be plain way too white otherwise. But you can easily change it to literally any color yourself. Open the .ini is notepad++, or whatever you prefer, and edit the COLOR_BASE values. Those 3 values stand for RGB. The higher you go with all the values, the lighter the texture becomes. From there, it's a matter of taste and a bit of trial and error. Note, it look a lot darker behind a bright background like the white gravel run-offs and lighter in front of a dark grass strip
  4. Fuzila
    Version: 1.04
    Looks great and realistic now! The original one from Kunos is horrible ...
  5. Billy Pilgrim
    Billy Pilgrim
    Version: 1.0
    It's really good. Thank you for making and sharing
  6. wazzzaa
    Version: 1.0
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