"The MFD Replacer" DynHUD Config 1.0

I like a clean HUD and I cannot lie.

  1. Matt Orr
    Why call it the MFD Replacer?
    Because it essentially replaces the MFD. My goal for this DynHUD config was to fit all of the information I deem useful in the same prime real-estate that the MFD we all know and love occupies - the bottom right corner.

    Thanks to the magic of DynHUD, I've managed to cram in a relative time display, lap count, session time, current lap time, pedal bars, gear, speed and last but certainly not least - a fuel bar. Additional features are a virtual mirror friendly delta time display, lights for the race start, as well as a "fastest lap pop up purple bar thingy" in race sessions.

    All of that, in what I find is a nice, neat, simple, easy to read package.

    How to install:
    -Extract this archive to your AMS folder. (Steam\steamapps\common\AMSBeta by default for the beta)

    If you decide you don't like it, simply delete "overlay.ini" and "overlay_race.ini" in the Plugins>DynHUD>Config folder, and then Verify Integrity of Game Cache through Steam.

    Sadly, we can't truly replace all of the MFD. In particular, you need it to set up your pit options. Given the MFD Replacer sits right where the MFD goes, that can be a problem - making it difficult to read your MFD Replacer, as well as your pit options. There is a simple little work around however! Here are the steps-

    -Install the files.
    -Turn on your steering wheel. This may not work if you don't turn it on.
    -Go to your AMS Installation folder. From there, Plugins>DynHUD>Editor. Open dynhud_editor.exe
    -At the top, click Tools > Edit Key Bindings
    -In the Bindings Manager that pops up, select "TogglePlugin" from the Action column drop down.
    -Double click in the Input Component column, and press the button you wish to bind switching to your MFD/Pit Options. Once finished, when you press that button anything being displayed by DynHUD will close and the MFD/Pit Options will pop up.
    -Click File > Save. Exit the editor.
    -Start up Automobilista.
    -In the controls menu, bind "Toggle HUD MFD" to the same key you bound to toggle DynHUD.
    -While you are at it, bind "Pit Display" to another button. This button can be out of the way.

    Go race! If you find the MFD is displaying over the top of the MFD Replacer, just double tap the key you bound to the Pit Display and away goes the MFD. To get back to the MFD, just press your TogglePlugin button to go straight to your pit options!

    Sounds complicated, really isn't. In simple terms, when you hide one you show the other.

    Also worth mentioning for those who don't know - using the DynHUD editor you can select various "widgets" to be toggled by wheel or keyboard buttons. For example, I also have the Delta timing display bound to my wheel so I can hide it during the race. Play around with it if you haven't, it's actually pretty simple!

    Happy racing!


    1. MFD Replacer Clean.jpg
    2. MFD Replacer Mark Up.jpg

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    Works only with 1920*1080 resolution
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    This is exactly what I was hoping would show up, great idea. Thanks so much.

    If anyone could help a software and .ini file illiterate out I'd love to know how to alter this for a 2560 x 1440 resolution?
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    Great mod , but with my resolution I cant see the gear , km/h and the bars , anyone got a file for 1280x1024?
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    Perfect, contains everything i need to see and no more. I had to edit it for my resolution but that was easy with the editor (1st time user of DynHud)
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    Patrick Byrne
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome matt, and of course you are driving the fv10 in the screenshot, i knew youd enjoy that car
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    Shane Tucker
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you Mr.Box!
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