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Test Plane

Test Plane 1.0

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I've had this rough mod for a while but I'm not planning on pushing it any further so I figured I would release it as it is.

Like I said it's pretty rough, it uses a free model from the internet as a place holder as it was more of a physics experiment. So as a result feel free to take any of the data, and modify it / redistribute in any way you want.

To get it working

  • Make sure AUTOFLIP_RECOVERY=0 in assettocorsa/system/cfg/options.ini
  • Disable damage (I don't think it will gain enough speed with damage on)

1 gear, forwards, 1 for reverse. It turns like rubbish so some tighter tracks might be hard to get off the ground. Throttle = up, off throttle = down (there's no control input for pitch up and down in AC).

Have fun!

Latest reviews

brilliant project. enabled me to redo it into c130 Hercules XD
Great aero balance on this "car". Well done!
WOw so good
I would pay for this
As soon as I get off the ground, I get back to the starting line,why?
It was the best 5 secs in my life
what a legend making a racing sim a flight sim
Isolation Day 87. sitting in my living room, flying around Vice City in a car racing simulator with a wheel and a VR headset. I don't feel isolated anymore.
no me deja volar me hecha a box q hago?
mola esta muy bien gracias
This is a magnificent way to get a good look at track layouts and elevation in game
Gracias y he dado una vuelta por el circuito y me lo pase bien ¡¡¡¡¡
wow ;)
ahhahhahahha verry fun ,,,,,nice!!!
Impressive for assetto, some things like external sound could be added, and maybe slightly change the aero, so on full throttle you dont go vertical :D
Now we need a helicopter
Hysterical! I love the view from up there. How about a drone?
WOW o.o ASSETTO CORSA Your flight simulator XD
No external sound. Please fix it!
Just tested it at Paul Ricard and it was soooo much fun.^^
I never thought that the physics enigne of AC would permit such things.
It's a bit tricky but after some time, I was even able to land it. :D
I have not the slightest idea how, but it works. Can even fly over terrain that is not the track itself (I tested at Paul Ricard, much space to take of). Even has a nice cockpit sound.
File size
13.8 MB
First release
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User rating
4.67 star(s) 24 ratings

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