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Version 12 is here.

The tool supports F1 2012 to F1 2022, AC, ACC, AMS2, PC2, RFactor 2, KartKraft and DiRT Rally 2.

Notable changes:
  • F1 22 support added + updated trackmaps
  • ACC: added trackmaps for the new DLC tracks
  • AMS2: added trackmaps for the new 1.3.8 tracks
  • Updated custom JRE to Java 17
  • Many little tweaks again
For list of changes, see the ReadMe.txt.

Updating from older versions: Just unzip the Telemetry.jar, Tracks directory and Bin directory on top of your old installation.

Clean/New install. Unzip the files to anywhere in your system (e.g. under 'Program Files' or to somewhere else). On the first run the Tool will ask location for data files, so no need to edit the baseSettings.xml file.

If you find anything odd, please let me know. The F1 22 part has been tested, but there still might be some odd behaviors lurking around.

Enjoy, and get faster.

A screenshot of the Real-Time Telemetry

Real-time Trackmap during the race

Latest updates

  1. Telemetry Tool for F1 22

    A new version 12.1 is out. Notable changes/fixes: F1 22 - Fixed issue, where Abu Dhabi lapdata...
  2. Telemetry Tool for F1 22

    Just noticed, that the package is missing the track map for Miami. The map will be included on...

Latest reviews

Great app, absolutely essential whilst analysing the data. We are also using it to source the numbers to our hud and rely heavily on its contents! 10/10 for the functionality, absolutely top class.

Sadly we faced a few issues lately though:

1. In F1 22 - once the session changes from quali to race, we have to restart the software, otherwise it still believes the session is set to quali instead of switching to race

2. We had an ingame bug of a driver being disqualified from a whole race during a formation lap. As we decided to carry on, the issue we faced was related to ingame delta, which was stuck and showing static, random numbers. We believe this ingame bug caused it, as once we tried recreating the session with basically an identical scenario apart from the bug, everything worked just fine.
Thanks for the build. F122 doesnt work for me.
Used the F1 2021 Version this is awesome and it's free you are a true legend!

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