I have a problem trying to runWin_F12020.bat message pops up saying windows cannot find bin/win/bin/javaw.exe I have java on my pc but unfortunately I am not very skilled with these things, so if you could help me a bit I would be thankfull
Great tool! Detailed data, comes with several dashboards, at first I found it a little complex, but after a few minutes I got familiarized and it was very easy to analyze the data, both in telemetry and in the workspace. Just a few minor graphical interface defects, such as element overlap, locked menu and off-screen option without scrollbar, especially with lower resolutions.
Works as intended and connects to the game perfectly. Just one problem I noticed is that all results and telemetry gets cut off at the end as the race ends. For example, race history does not record last lap results, or if you finish somewhere in the middle, it does not record telemetry for the last lap for AI drivers that finished below you. I suspect that it is a game engine limitation however.
Have you considered making this compatible with RF2? :)
Iko Rein
At this point I only add support for those games, I play myself.

Even though the track list of RF2 contains interesting track, sadly I do not have enough time to add RF2 to my games list.
This telemetry software through the years have become quite the necessity for me.
It was working very wheel for 1 hour, and then it just stopped working at all, I have everything correct and I double checked everything, I reinstalled the tool and still nothing, it's a good tool don't get me wrong but it stopped working at all.
Iko Rein
Interesting. PM me the details. Typically if after reinstall it does not work it means the issue is in your system, e.g. with AV or something else blocking the tool. You could try to install in different directory to see if that changes anything. And check your AV tool's logs.

We also solved the issue. There were two applications using the same feed, so the one which was started first, got the data and second one got nothing.

So if you are using more than one app, the UDP Redirect is your friend, as you can take the UDP data from the game and the forward the UDP data to another UDP Port, where you should make the other tool listen for the data.

Very nice tool. I only have a few problems with for example opening race history files. There is no data shown when I open them in the tool.
Could you help me about an issue?
I sent you a private message.

Looks like a great tool but I am having issues to link my PS4 to my laptop. I ran all the configurations shown in the YouTube video but still doesn't read my PS4 signal.
any firewall problem perhaps? any one can advise? thanks!
Iko Rein
Either firewall issue or the IP address set in PS4 is not correct. These are the typical issues.

Just check that the Telemetry Tool works on the laptop. If you have not suitable game there, you can use the feed tester (check the help on that) to test it.
Works perfectly.
Excelent tool, thank you for the contribution.
Is there any way to use this tool to analyse live data from a different network wth F1 2020? My goal is to provide live assistance remotely and without need to have the game installed.
Iko Rein
Yeah, you can send the data from the game to remove location, where you run the Telemetry tool. Check the tool's help on networking and UDP forward.
Excellent data recording and analysing, works well in singleplayer as well as online
Great job!
Awesome job as every year.

Just an issue I found, i have problems reading the aidata json, last year worked properly
Perfect tool but the ghost throttle is not working for me :(
Iko Rein
There is no ghost throttle data available from the game.
Very nice tool, but i need tire temperatures in the telemetry. Essential for F1 2020 in my opinion.
It keeps getting better! Lovely app!
Really great telemetry app! You couldn't ask for anything more!
Perfect, Thank you for this.
Awesome work. Excellent App