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New version of my telemetry and race strategy tool is here. This is mainly a bug/stability/performance fix with few interesting additions.

What is new in version 11.1?

Notable AMS2/PC2 related additions:
  • Added track maps + car data for the 1.2.2 additions
  • Updated the PC2/AMS2 relay so that it can read the settings file from the same directory, where it resides. This allows some more flexibility on using the relay
  • Added bit more data to the Driving pane

UDP Redirect
  • Fixed a very nasty random bug, which prevented the UDP redirect to work properly. This fix also improves the performance of the F1 2020 format redirect (ie. the TM SF1000 rim feed).
  • With the UDP Redirect F1 2020 format, the rev lights will blink, if the pit limiter is on.
  • Plenty of smaller fixes/tweaks to the redirect model. This should improve the performance in any game mode, most notably with ACC.
  • Added option to show the map with as transparent background, so if you have only one screen, you could have the map still visible with e.g. the lines driven. See the images below. This does not work on Linux (yet)
  • Made tyre surface and core temps to be more prominently displayed. Also moved things bit around
And many little tweaks/fixes.

Check the ReadMe.txt for detailed list of updates.

For update, update the Telemetry.jar + tracks\ams2 (if you use AMS2) + the .sh files (if you are on Linux/Mac).

For new install, check the ReadMe.txt file inside the .zip for details on how to install the Tool on Windows, Linux and/or Mac.

Enjoy, and get faster.

PS. A small screenshot of the transparent map on top of the game
New version is here.

Main addition is support for F1 2021.

Notable AMS2 fixes:
- Updated the PC2_Relay to also send UDP data to the IP address set via settings. This will make it easier to run the Telemetry Tool and AMS2 on separate computers. Check the help for more information.

Other small fixes/tweaks/performance tunes are listed in the ReadMe.txt.

For update, just either
a) unzip the whole .zip to the place where you had old installation or
b) unzip the .zip to new place and then on the first run the tool will ask for the location of the (old) data.

New installs, check the ReadMe.txt for installation instructions.

Enjoy, and get faster.
The Telemetry Tool updated to 10.6.

With this version I updated the JRE to version 15. So if you are updating, you need to
- update the bin directory (there is also for Linux and Mac a custom JRE binary included)
- update the lib directory
- update the Telemetry.jar + the .bat (windows) and .sh files (linux/mac)

Key new features

  • Support for ACC driver swap. This feature has been tested, but not extensively. Any feedback is welcome
  • Added Statistics table, which will show much more driving statistics on per lap basis
  • Added Launcher, which you can use instead of the several per game .bat files. The runWin.bat (and runLinux.sh and runMac.sh) have been updated to start the launcher. You can still use the per game .bat files to start the Tool, if you prefer that.
  • Added to UDP forward option to send the data out in F1 2020 format for all supported games. You can use this e.g. with Thrustmaster SF1000 wheel to get data to the wheel's dash, or to send data to other dash, which supports F1 2020 format.
Other notable AMS2 related updates/changes.
  • New tracks + cars + classes from the 1.2 version added
  • Fixed Yaw, Roll & Pitch graphs. They were actually totally wrong, but now they show the correct data.
  • Fixed issues (tool not starting etc), when running the game in different language than English
New users: In short, unzip the .zip to your system (e.g. to Program Files) or some other place. Then start the tool with one of the .bat files (on Windows) or .sh files (on Linux/Mac). The tool will the ask for location of the data etc. Check the ReadMe.txt for details.

Enjoy, and get faster.
10.5 is here.

Biggest addition is system to sync your laptimes + basic lap data to global database. When there is more data, I will add functionality to the Tool, which will allow you to compare your own times to the laptimes of other users of the Telemetry Tool. The tool will ask consent for sending the data, when you start it for the first time.

Notable ASM2 related additions:
  • New AMS2 trackmaps: Spa 1993 and Historic Jacarepagua
  • Fixed detection of car names + data sent from the game
  • Added new cars' data to the Tool
  • Fixed laptime shown on the saved lapdata file name.

New general additions:
  • Multi-histogram view
  • Multi-XY-plotter view
  • Map: Border color added to leader, car in front and behind for easy detection
  • New trackfile format, which is more compact + also loads faster.
  • Tyre pressures are now saved to lapdata files
  • Many little fixes and tweaks.
  • PgUp and PgDown work as zoom in all views (handy if there is no mouse scroller on the system)
I expect this to be last big update for the near future. I will be hunting + fixing odd bugs and working on making the backend bit more robust before next larger release.

For update, backup old installation, then unzip the .zip on top of the old installation. There are many new files in bin, lib and tracks directories.

For new installs, check the ReadMe.txt and/or the Youtube videos on how to install this.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Enjoy, and get faster.

New version of my Telemetry Tool for Automobilista 2 is here.

Notable new and AMS2 related additions:
  • Math Channels: You can create your own math channels and assign them to traces on the Telemetry tab.
  • Updated the new cars from AMS2 v1.1.1.0
  • Fixed UDP redirect. This will now send all data received from the game (shmem + UDP), so race engineers will have full access to all data from the driver
  • Trace color per car corner (FL, FR, RL, RR) can be kept in sync in the Graph Color dialog.
  • Histograms now work also with live lap + get updated as more data comes in
See ReadMe.txt for list of new additions.

For updating with AMS2 in your installation,
  • Replace Telemetry.jar
  • Update the lib directory contents
For new Installations, check the ReadMe.txt and then maybe the installation video on Youtube.

Enjoy, and get faster.
The new 10.3 version is here.

This version has many AMS2/PC2 related additions.

Shared Memory
Biggest new thing is, I added 'Shared-memory-to-UDP-relay', so that the shared memory data can be used. In SHMEM there is more accurate data for some traces, like speed, position and temperatures. Check the ReadMe.txt for more details. It is recommended you use the Relay with the tool, when using PC2/AMS2.

To use the relay you have to enable the Shared Memory option in the AMS2's System settings and then start the relay. I have updated the runWin_AMS2.bat to start the relay automatically.

Added GHOST lap saving, which now works bit like with the F1 feeds. The fastest GHOST from the selected GHOSTS will be set as fastest lap (typically after your 2nd lap against the ghosts), if you choose that for BLUE lap. This requires the use of the PC2/AMS2 SHMEM-to-UDP relay to be used.

  • Added game specific settings page for AMS2. Editing data there will also adjust the relay settings, so you don't need to edit the file.
  • Added trackmaps to the new tracks, including SPA.
  • RACEINFO: Added "time lost due to pitstop" field to the laptime section. Also added text showing how many pitstops and how much to refuel during those pitstops to make it to the end.
  • DRIVING: Replaced the "Turbo" bar with "Torque" bar, as I think torque is more useful in AMS2 than the turbo value. Also added Horsepower data.
  • DRIVING: Added to driving more tyre temp data + a slider for the tyre wear fractions. Handy when trying to learn how your driving affects the tyre wear.
  • RACETIMING: Added PitS field showing how many pitstops each driver has made during the session.
  • STATISTICS: Added some new data, including average fuel use
How to update to this version
Download the .zip and unzip it to where you have the older version installed. There is new AMS2 tracks and in the bin directory the new AMS2/PC2 Sharedmemory-to-UDP relay.

How to install
Check the ReadMe.txt for new install instructions.

Viruscan results for the relays

In the past the relays have been flagged as "dangerous". They are clean, but here are the links to virustotal scans.

Enjoy, and get faster.


Screenshot after 200 lap race with the new Pistop time loss field.

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Here is the new version of the Telemetry Tool for AMS2.

What is new

Notable AMS2 related additions/changes.
  • Added trackmap for Hockenheim 1988 short, Buskerud x 2, SpeedLand x 4, Nurburgring x 4 & Nordschleiffe x 2
  • Added new cars data from the update v1.4 & V 1.5
  • Fixed Granja Viana Kart track maps
  • Renamed once more all track files and build the system so, future track name changes in the game will have less effect
  • Small AMS2 related fixes here and there
Notable other additions/changes
  • Added to Telemetry Tyre temp + tyre pressure traces. These are also now saved to the lapdata files.
  • Tyre temps + pressures are also available in XY Plotter and Histogram.
  • Map can now display also texts for each turn, like turn names.

Inconsistent laptime data:

If you have driven extensively on the new tracks before this update, it might be that the indexing is bit off in the laptime data from what is in the release. I have created a tool to 1) check if there are inconsistencies in the data and 2) to fix those.

You can check if your laptime data database is ok by running from commandline (in the directory, where you installed this tool)
bin\win\bin\java -classpath Telemetry.jar apps.CheckTrackData

If the tool says, there are inconsistencies, you can then run
bin\win\bin\java -classpath Telemetry.jar apps.FixAMS2Data

What the this does, is that it updates the track indexes based on track length, so when you look at the Laptimes data, the laptime data is correct.

How to update

Replace in your existing installation the Telemetry.jar, the bin directory and also the tracks\ams2 directory. If you use this tool with other games, you could just replace who tracks directory with the in in this .zip.


For new installs, check the ReadMe.txt in .zip on how to install the tool.


Enjoy and get faster
New update to the version 10.

If you are updating, just replace the telemetry.jar in your installation.

If you are doing a new installation, read the ReadMe.txt first on how to install the tool.

Key changes in Version 10.1:


Added new cars in GT4 DLC
Updated the ACC_Relay to retrieve new data added in 1.15 of ACC. You must use the new relay 1.05 with the Telemetry tool version 10.1.

XY Plotter
Added (optional) scale to the graphs and made it better in showing some of the data

Fixed bad clipping in the map on some situations
Fixes on some areas for the customizable colors
Fixed multilap traces position when zooming/dragging the map
Fixed multlap line widths to adjust when changing the racing line width in settings
Adjusted how the map is positioned on the windows, if user presses reset map.

Comparison view
Fixed other bad clipping of the track map.

UI /Map colors settings
Added trace line width slider for Telemetry trace lines.

F1 2020
Now Shumacher edition cars are also detected by the tool
Fixed issues on some small issues with other game data
Fixed: Wheelspeed was saved as m/s instead of km/h to the lapdata

Added option to settings to show the speed in MPH in areas of UI, where it is feasible.
Other little fixes and tweaks

Unless there is some super show-stopper bug, I expect this to be last version for some time, i.e. until there are new tracks for AMS2 or ACC.

Enjoy, and get faster ...
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