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I give this app 5 stars on two levels. First, the app is pretty amazing. It takes a little time to get familiar with all of it, but I have found that after I got all my graphs set up the way I wanted, it was really helpful.. You don't have to be a professional race engineer to benefit from this. When I'm practicing for a race and I rip off a lap that's .5s faster than usual it's great to be able to look the data and figure out why so I can reproduce it.

On the second level, the developer Iko Rein is amazing. I had kind of a weird issue with how my ACC was sending the broadcast data to the app and he helped me work through it. He went well above and beyond to help me. This is an app worth supporting with a paid license if you can afford it.
Awsome work! Thankyou. Just a question about shared memory. Your app now supports it in AMS2 so do we enable it in system settings now?
Iko Rein
Yes, so you enable it in the system settings and then you need to run the Shared Memory relay for PC2/AMS2 (same file, as the data format is the same) at the same time with the Telemetry tool.
Thanks! Very helpfull.
Awesome thoughts of statistics. What this community needs is minds like these. Thanks for letter you've written. Just hoping to be able to gather ghost data in TT to compare myelf against best players (If AMS2 provides data while ghost replays).
I've never used any telemetry app before, but this one seemed way to easy to be true. As soon as I turned my first lap in AMS2 and looked at the telemetry that this app provided me, I was instantly hooked! Thank you for making this!!!!
Great tool, this seems where i was waiting for