Telemetry Application 2.2

Analyse telemetry data from F1 201x games

  1. New version of the Telemetry application. Now with automatic event detection

    Iko Rein
    New functionality
    • Automatic event detection and change as follows:
      • Race -> Quali -> Race
      • Online Race -> Online Quali => Online Race
      • If user has chosen an event, the system will default to that, e.g. Scenario mode is like race, but if you have chosen that, the system will use it
      • Default mode is Time Trial
    • New telemetry graphs
      • Suspension movement and speed
      • KERS on
    • By default use the laptimes and sector times from the game
    • DriverDNA tab for checking your consistency
    • New dialog for settings (much easier than editing the settings.xml file)
    • CTRL-O and CTRL-R open by default in the lapdata directory
    Also several bug fixes/small improvements.

    For upgrade, just overwrite the old Telemetry.jar

    For new installation, please read the ReadMe.txt in the .zip.

    I expect this to be the last version for F1 2013, unless there are some serious issues with this version.

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