Telemetry Application 2.2

Analyse telemetry data from F1 201x games

  1. New version with KERS/DRS/Fuel usage data

    Iko Rein

    I have learned that since the F1 2012 final version there has been an option to export KERS/DRS/Fuel data from the Codemasters F1 games in the telemetry export feed.

    I have now updated my Telemetry application to take advantage to this.

    In order to fully use the new telemetry feed, you must edit the hardware_settings_config.xml (in <My Games>\FormulaOne2013) and change extradata="1" to extradata="2".

    Due to the changes in the feed, here is list of some of the new functionality added to the 2.0 version.

    • New save file format. The system is still compatible with the F1 perfview format and the application can still save files in that format, if needed.
    • Fastest lap with KERS/DRS. The fastest lap save file format is almost the same, but with 2.0 the KERS/DRS data is now saved too. Old fastest lap files don't have those, but the old fastest lap data can still be used.
    • KERS/DRS data in Telemetry graph panel, comparison maps and graph panel.
    • Brake temperature data available.
    • Fuel usage/estimates in Race Info. Also cleaned Race Info to be more useful for race data.
    • Some additional JSON feeds for the embedded http server. See the http server readme.
    • Many small fixes
    To update
    1. you can just copy the Telemetry.jar to the location, where you had installed the previous version of the application
    2. And then you must remember to modify the hardware_settings_config.xml
    Please see the ReadMe.txt in the .zip package for further details.
    raceinfo_new.png new_drivig_info.png

    I hope you enjoy this. I do.
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