Telemetry Application 2.2

Analyse telemetry data from F1 201x games

  1. New version with access to data via tablet/smartphone

    Iko Rein

    Here is new version (1.1) of my telemetry application. I consider this as the last version for F1 2013 (unless I need to make a bug fix).

    What is new:
    • Added extra Graph panel. You can set e.g. Speed to x-axis and Gears to y-axis and show only points where Revs are above e.g. 16000.
    • Added embedded http server. Now you can change track e.g. from tablet/smartphone and access some of the data also on your tablet/smart phone. This is a proof of concept, but can be easily expanded, if need arises. See the readMe in the html_root directory.
    • Added connection tester, see the ReadMe
    Fixes/changes in RaceInfoPanel
    • Up/down keys scroll the laptimes on bottom-left panel. This is handy, if you have driven more laps, than can be shown in the screen
    • Changed front-wheel indicators to show skid (instead of spin)
    • Added "Theoretical best" to laptimes display
    • Change the graph part show both laptime + session times
    Fixes/changes TelemetryPanel
    • Added highlight to the minimap (bottom-right) for the telemetry graph (zoom in with mouse scroll or drag the telemetry graph)
    • Previous lap graphs now work correctly (under RED LINE button)
    • Cursor for Prev.lap also fixed (click with mouse in the graph)
    Here are screenshots from the new GraphPanel

    Lapdistance on Steer with color as Brake

    G-force latitudinal on G-force longitudinal Gear > 3

    New highlight for the minimap

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