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Telemetry Application 4.1

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Here is new version. It contains small fixes here and there.

Key changes
  • Telemetry tab: Fixed fuel usage graph for fastest/offline lap
  • Telemetry tab: Fixed the disappearing timediff graph, when going to the garage in Time Trial
  • Graph tab: Made Friction circle the default graph
  • Fixed F1 PerfView saving for offline laps
  • Plenty of cleaning and small fixes here and there
  • Rage Info tab: Added fuel usage chart
  • Race Info tab: Added option to sort the data by laptime
This is hopefully the last version for F1 2015.

If you are updating from 4.0, just copy the Telemetry.jar to your old installation.

If you are new user, please read the ReadMe.txt on how to install this.

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