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Telemetry application 0.99

Analyze telemetry data from F1 201x games in graph view/map view and save lap/sector times.

  1. Iko Rein

    I have created a telemetry application for the F1 201x games (I did quick test with Dirt 3 too). This application lets you e.g.
    • Compare different laps (current / offline lap vs. fastest/"reference lap") telemetry data in graph view
    • View the driving lines taken and compare them to the fastest lap and to the optimal racing line
    • Save lap times with sector times for later viewing (.csv format)
    • Save the telemetry data (the standard .csv format).
    The application is written in Java. If you ask why Java, the answer is that this was an application originally developed just for my personal interest. I wanted to see, if I can accomplish something like this. I have also written the application in a way, which allows me to later quickly port parts to Android or to add support for non-Codemasters games, if the need arises.

    So if you have Java installed, you can just unzip the package, enable telemetry data output from F1 201x game and double-click on the .jar. By default the application will use the location of the .jar as base directory (but this can be changed). I have developed this on 64bit Win 7, and tested the application on virtual machines running 32bit Win 7, XUbuntu and Mac Lion just to see that the application runs on those platforms.

    Here are some screenshots.



    I hope you enjoy this. I have enjoyed making it and using it.


    1. telemetry_panel_overview.png
    2. map_panel_overview.png
    3. map_panel_zoom_fill.png
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