Telemetry Application 3.1

Analyse telemetry data from F1 2014 (and other F1 201x games)

  1. 3.1 version of the Telemetry Tool for F1 2014 - the file

    Iko Rein
    For some reason the previous submission didn't have the actual file attached. Here it is (I hope).
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  2. 3.1 version of the Telemetry Tool for F1 2014

    Iko Rein

    This is a new version, which contains some bug fixes
    • settings saving for data feeds
    • F1Perfview saves)
    • Fixed graph settings for TelemetryPanel
    and some small tweaks here and there
    • Added gear info + suspension diff to Driving info
    • Raceinfo: Added fuel usage graph
    For installing, old users can just replace the telemetry.jar with the new one. For new users, see the ReadMe.txt for installation instructions.

    This is the final version for F1...
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