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Telemetry Application 9.3c

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Just brilliant.
Amazing, the best I've seen so far!
Really facilitate the visualization of the points where I'm not breaking correctly, the visualization it provides is incredible!
Thank you so much
Is is open source?
Amazing software, gives you full view of every detail and the support is pretty good for a free software!
Guide to install in Mac OS????
Brilliant. You should put this under ACC download section as it is being missed by that community. Well done, A YouTube video showing all the different features would be helpfull....
Iko Rein
Do you mean under the ACC section in RaceDepartment?
You can find some videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOM1A2tjQHkR55VrQmQDe6A
And I am in a process of doing few more detailed ones for each view/tab.
Estupenda, pero como uso los stints
Brilliant app, useful and easy to use
im impressed.
Quiero felicitar por el programa que hiciste, lo instalaré en Linux. Muchas gracias.
I have a problem. WHem i try to start the program the first time, i click on the .bat file and it says me "impossible to execute this program on this PC". I also tried to create the path on the desktop as said in the readme, but it says that the "jawaws.exe" located in bin/win/bin folder doesn't exist. I've java installed yet, the 2018 version always worked done for me. What can i do?
just does not always connect to the game
I can not download this app
I just have one word about this...

Awesome :)
Amazing, will you add the feature to open datas from another network?
This is awesome, and by far one of the best user made add ons for a game I've ever seen. There is a few features I'd love to see added in future though :)
Great App!! Programmed with passion.
"How?! How it's possible ?"
I'm speechless
LOVE THIS APP! Gives good information and allows me to store that information easily and in small sizes for future comparison. Keep up the good work Iko Rein!! Can't wait to see what the next update will hold. -F1TheBox
Great app. Thanks.
This is terrific!
probably the best F1 mod ever, I love it
Nice that you added JRE to zip, with previous version I had problem that JavaFX 8 wasn't compatible with Java 11 that I had installed on my PC ;)