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Telemetry Application 8.6

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One more version.

This will most likely be the last version for F1 2018. I have added some things to the packet to make sure, future users can easily start using this.

I have included Open JDK Java binaries (win, linux, mac) into the package, so there is no need to separately download Java anymore (and Oracle does not anymore distribute full package). Going forward there will always be the binaries for windows, linux and mac in the packet

Key updates/changes
  • Added color option to the graphs in Telemetry.
  • Spectator mode should now work on F1 2018.
  • Global name filter option added, and moved file_ids.csv to the settings directory.
  • Secondary cursor in Telemetry, right + left mouse-clicks will show delta for RED lap between two points.
  • New X-Y Plotter (in old tool it was Graphs) for doing a X-Y plot with two values from the game.
  • Ghost data and Opponent laps have now team name at the end to make it easy to find the right file for comparison
  • Many performance optimizations
  • Many Project Cars 2 related fixes, now all game modes should work properly, including online multiplayer.
  • PC2 has now trackmaps for all tracks
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 save files and track files now use stage/track name instead of distance to make it easier to find the right lapdata for comparison laps.
See the ReadMe.txt file for all changes/fixes

Updating, if you are updating from old version, just replace the old Telemetry.jar. And if you use PC2 or DR2, copy the track files too. There are new and modified files there.

New install.
  1. Read the included ReadMe.txt first.
  2. Unzip the package wherever you like to have it. (e.g. create directory F1Telemetry to your home directory).
  • On windows, double click the runWin.bat at the root of the install. This opens the tool. If you want, you can create a shortcut e.g. on the desktop, just check the runWin.bat contents for the start command.
  • On Linux or Mac, untar the packet binaries to the bin/mac or bin/linux directories. After that you can run the tool with the included .sh files. If you want to create a launcher, check the contents of the .sh file what is needed for the launcher.
Game/feed selection. When you have installed the tool, if you are using it for DR2 or PC2, change the data feed from settings.

Game UDP feed activation. Check the ReadMe.txt on how to make your game to send the UDP data.


PS. This version also works with the F1 2019 w3 beta. There might be changes in the final public version, so it might be that some fixes are needed when F1 2019 is released.

Some screenshots.

Telemetry with colored graphs


Race info modifications

Racetiming busy data


Race history for Project Cars 2

New version is here. It took much longer, than I expected it to take.

Key new features:
  • Works now with Project cars 2, limited opponent data. Not all tracks have trackmap, but if you drive in those tracks, the tool will create a simple trackmap based on your lap and next time you return to the track, the tool will be using that trackmap.
  • Works now with DiRT Rally 2.0, opponent data not available. Trackmap only for RX tracks, for others the tool will rely on the simple trackmaps created as you play the game.
  • Fixed one very annoying bug which cut the first sector's data out of the first Flying lap, when you did several of those during the session. The bug was caused by the F1 2018, i.e. after going for the Flying lap, the lap related data wasn't correctly updated until start of 2nd sector.
  • Added Time Trial info screen, mainly contains time delta, speed delta + laptimes. And you can resize the text.
  • Added "reveal cheaters" screen. This shows aggregate data from all opponents on tire wear/fuel use/ERS use/max speed/acceleration, so if there is something fishy, e.g. someone has much better acceleration or grip or uses significantly less fuel or more ERS, this will now be revealed. So cheat users can be outed by league admins. This is the first version to just get the idea out. if you have ideas how to make it better, let me know.
  • Re-organized the Race Info screen. Replaced the laptime and sector graphs with Laptime graph, which shows the laptimes for the cars in front and behind + the data about their tires and how many laps they have driven with the current tyre.
  • Comparison screen, added slider to the bottom, so you can easily move the cursor around. Handy when you analyze your data. Also added more info to the screen.
  • LapData saves now contain the team/car name at the end. Makes it easy e.g. with DiRT Rally to find your best lap with certain car in the current stage.
  • Driver_ids.csv now also has player names, i.e. for league racers, you can add the names of your fellows to the list to see their real names in the tool.
  • A lot of bigger and smaller fixes/cleanings here and there
See the ReadMe.txt for details of new features.

I expect to add more PC2 tracks to the next release, which will happen when DiRT Rally's next stages will be available.


Some screenshots

New Race Info

New Time Trial Info

Comparison screen additions
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8.4 release.

This contains mainly memory fixes and tweaks. Also many little tweaks and fixes here and there. With these the tool should be less hungry for the memory and work better in older laptops etc.

Added to settings option to show the temperatures in Fahrenheit.

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In 8.2 I had forgotten to uncomment one line before release, so the graphs on telemetry tab didn't get cleared, if you changed track/event. I fixed this in 8.3.

Also fixed
- Map: Last sector flags fixed for some tracks, where it only displayed the flags for partial zone
- Race Info: occasional 0.000 Delta to leader/front fixed

- Map + Race Timing: If you press key 'X' in the tool, in the Map's 'Name + Speed' you can also see, if other drivers are using assists (TC or ABS). In Race Timing this eXtra data shows more columns. These include the TC + ABS levels of all drivers. Handy in online races to see, who is using assists and who is not. This settings gets also saved, so it will be active on later runs, if you have the "automatic settings save" active.

Also note that this might be the last release for F1 2018.

New 8.2 version

For update, just replace the Telemetry.jar

For new installations, please read the ReadMe.txt and then check my YouTube video on the installation.

Key additions:

1) Save Ghost lap telemetry
If the Ghost is faster than you (at least for 1 lap), then a Ghost file will be saved to the 'opponent laps' directory. This contains very basic telemetry of the ghost's lap (Throttle input is missing, as the game doesn't reveal it for the ghost). For this to work, in the Settings set the 'save opponent lap' to ALL or GHOST.

2) Bit nicer settings page in dark theme

3) Small ui fixes/tweaks and small bug fixes here and there.

New version with many updates and fixes.

For update, just replace the Telemetry.jar.

For new install, read the ReadMe.txt or check the install YouTube video.

Notable features:
  • Save your laps and compare them later
  • Save opponent laps:
    • In Race, save opponents' laps to compare them to your own laps and find the "missing seconds or 10ths".
    • In Time Trial, save ghost telemetry data to compare against your own laps
  • In Race map, see
    • where you will land after a good pitstop and
    • where other cars are
    • your driving lines (current, all, best, optimal)
  • In Race info/timing see
    • your gap to front/back/leader
    • fuel usage/fuel usage per fuel mix
    • fuel left for race
    • how long your tyres will last
    • laptime development
  • Compare laps in graphs + visually in track map
  • See race history (track position, lap times etc)
Telemetry (See YouTube video on the Telemetry tab)

Also made a general video of the tool on Youtube.

Below some screenshots.


Comparison tab

Note: In comparison tab you can drag secondary mouse button left (back) or right (forward) to move the cursor. Also moving cursor in Telemetry moves it in Comparison tab.

New Driving tab
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Finally this is in stage, I can put it out.

The new version uses the new 2018 feed from the game.

The tool looks bit the same, but many things have changed, notably:
  • UI written totally new. This is the first step and now it will be easier further develop this tool
    • Tabs are gone, but you can open the different tabs in new windows (see picture below
    • The main screen can be changed from controller, the button can be modified from settings
    • You can run it now full-screen, disable menus and the sidebar, if you so wish
  • Uses the 2018 feed from game, which means you can have telemetry of all the opponents. And you can set the tool to save them, so you can later look at the data. Many screens let you select the opponent, whose data you want to look at
  • More accurate DELTA calculations
  • Telemetry
    • Difflines for Braking/Throttle/Steer
  • Map
    • Flags per zone are visible
    • Pit Window, will show on the map, where you would drop after a successful pitstop. The times are per track. Big thanks goes to Michelive for the historical pit times
    • Shows full opponent names, in PS4 data, after the "Player" there is the driver id from the game
  • Race info
    • Apart from the old Fuel info, show also ERS percentage and expected life left in the tyres. The tyre life left target can be adjusted
  • Race timing/driving
    • Displays the opponent data too, some data, like Spin ration/Wheel speed difference is only available for the player car.
    • In raw data, you can see opponent Telemetry
  • Racehistory
    • Same old graphs, in bit different looking though
    • New 'Time diff to leader', shows quite detailed time differences to the leader. This is quite heavy process, so I would recommend you use it after the race or when paused. I will check if I can make it more performant in the future, if people like it.
With all the new data, the tool can take more memory and especially CPU power. I have added ways to adjust the CPU usage, if you hit 100% when running this tool. 1) the tool will adjust itself, if your system cannot draw fast enough and you can also set the CPU load with a slider in the settings.

Did I already say, you need to enable the 2018 feed from the game's Telemetry settings in order to make this work.

Key H is help, it will show the few key command options.


Same was as with the older version.

1) Take the .zip, and unzip it
2) Install Oracle java (1.8.0_181 was used in development, I also tested with 10.2).
If you use OpenJDK, make sure you have JavaFX installed.
3) In the F1 2018 enable the Telemetry feed and make it to be 2018. The legacy feed doesn't work with this tool.
4) Restart the game (just in case) and start the Telemetry tool by double-clicking the Telemetry.jar or by going command line and typing 'java -jar Telemetry.jar'.
5) If all is well, when you drive around, in the minimap on the first screen you will see your "car" moving.

If you have any issues, read the ReadMe.txt first


Some images

Many windows open at the same time. Well this starts to look bit messy this way.

Track position history. There is also Laptime history, Tyre history.

Laptime history compared to the leader/winner

The old race info has now tyre life calculations included, you can set the target for the tyre "condition level" and the tool will estimate, how soon you will hit that.

The old Race Timing screen has now also telemetry from the other players (on both online & offline). If you want, in settings you can set, if the tool should save telemetry from other drivers. This make it easier to see, why someone is 4 seconds faster in average on a race. And the driving pane will also show some details from the other drivers, like if they have TC on or not.

PS. I will add some of the old Tabs later, namely the comparison tab + the Driver DNA.


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New version of the Telemetry tool for Codemasters F1 2018.

Key fixes/changes:
  • Racehistory, fixed the graphs, as if there were retirements, player graphs were not always shown
  • Map, also here fixed the error, when player car was not shown on the map due to retirements
  • Comparison panel, added track limits to the graphs to make it easier to compare the driving lines
  • General, many optimizations + fixed sector and lap times to be exactly same as shown on the game
No screenshots this time.

I expect this to be the last version using the Legacy feed. I am working on adjusting the tool to the new feed, but that will take some time.

If you are updating form 7.0, just replace the old Telemetry.jar from Telemetry.jar from the .zip.

If you are new, please read the ReadMe.txt (and the earlier text in the support).

In short,
  • You need Java installed
  • Unzip the files to anywhere in your system, os can be anything, where you can run Java
  • From game enable the Legacy telemetry feed (game can be run on PC, PS & Xbox)
  • Enjoy ...

PS. And there is the updated/fixed driver_ids.csv file too.