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Telemetry Application 8.6

Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018

  1. Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018, Project Cars 2 and DiRT Rally 2.0

    Iko Rein

    One more version.

    This will most likely be the last version for F1 2018. I have added some things to the packet to make sure, future users can easily start using this.

    I have included Open JDK Java binaries (win, linux, mac) into the package, so there is no need to separately download Java anymore (and Oracle does not anymore distribute full package). Going forward there will always be the binaries for windows, linux and mac in the packet

    Key updates/changes
    • Added...
  2. Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018, Project Cars 2 and DiRT Rally 2.0

    Iko Rein

    New version is here. It took much longer, than I expected it to take.

    Key new features:
    • Works now with Project cars 2, limited opponent data. Not all tracks have trackmap, but if you drive in those tracks, the tool will create a simple trackmap based on your lap and next time you return to the track, the tool will be using that trackmap.
    • Works now with DiRT Rally 2.0, opponent data not available. Trackmap only for RX tracks, for others the tool will rely...
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  3. Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018

    Iko Rein
    8.4 release.

    This contains mainly memory fixes and tweaks. Also many little tweaks and fixes here and there. With these the tool should be less hungry for the memory and work better in older laptops etc.

    Added to settings option to show the temperatures in Fahrenheit.

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  4. Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018

    Iko Rein
    In 8.2 I had forgotten to uncomment one line before release, so the graphs on telemetry tab didn't get cleared, if you changed track/event. I fixed this in 8.3.

    Also fixed
    - Map: Last sector flags fixed for some tracks, where it only displayed the flags for partial zone
    - Race Info: occasional 0.000 Delta to leader/front fixed

    - Map + Race Timing: If you press key 'X' in the tool, in the Map's 'Name + Speed' you can also see, if other drivers are using assists (TC or ABS). In Race...
  5. Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018

    Iko Rein
    New 8.2 version

    For update, just replace the Telemetry.jar

    For new installations, please read the ReadMe.txt and then check my YouTube video on the installation.

    Key additions:

    1) Save Ghost lap telemetry
    If the Ghost is faster than you (at least for 1 lap), then a Ghost file will be saved to the 'opponent laps' directory. This contains very basic telemetry of the ghost's lap (Throttle input is missing, as the game doesn't reveal it for the...
  6. Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018

    Iko Rein
    New version with many updates and fixes.

    For update, just replace the Telemetry.jar.

    For new install, read the ReadMe.txt or check the install YouTube video.

    Notable features:
    • Save your laps and compare them later
    • Save opponent laps:
      • In Race, save opponents' laps to compare them to your own laps and find the "missing seconds or 10ths".
      • In Time Trial, save ghost telemetry data to compare against your own laps...
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  7. Telemetry Application v8.0 for Codemasters F1 2018

    Iko Rein

    Finally this is in stage, I can put it out.

    The new version uses the new 2018 feed from the game.

    The tool looks bit the same, but many things have changed, notably:
    • UI written totally new. This is the first step and now it will be easier further develop this tool
      • Tabs are gone, but you can open the different tabs in new windows (see picture below
      • The main screen can be changed from controller, the button can be modified from settings
      • You can run it...
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  8. Telemetry Application v7.1 for Codemasters F1 2018

    Iko Rein

    New version of the Telemetry tool for Codemasters F1 2018.

    Key fixes/changes:
    • Racehistory, fixed the graphs, as if there were retirements, player graphs were not always shown
    • Map, also here fixed the error, when player car was not shown on the map due to retirements
    • Comparison panel, added track limits to the graphs to make it easier to compare the driving lines
    • General, many optimizations + fixed sector and lap times to be exactly same...
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