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Telemetry Application 8.6

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Good program...
Incredible! Easy to use, perfect tutorials, just awesome!
Incredible! Easy to use, perfect tutorials, just awesome! Thanks for your effort!!!! :)
Amazing app, is it possible to save and load laps for reference?
Iko Rein
Do you mean, there should be a default reference lap, which the tool would be using per track?
I appreciate your app.
Can not get the driver name in multiplayer?
Iko Rein
From PS4 or Xbox you dont receive the player names. That is why there is the Team + id in the name field for the feed from them.
How can I connect it with my PS4?? Pleaseee
with latest update this app reach a really high level of simulation.
A complete analysis and management tool for F1 by Codemasters. Indispensable for simulation fans.
I got it working, and it's phenomenal. Really happy about the update. Still wondering how to set black background for telemetry tab.
Iko Rein
In the settings (Options -> General Settings) enable the "use alternative colors also in Telemetry Tab"
Dont know if its only me, but when i have the game enabled, i cannot change the tab, so if i am on the "telemetry" tab, i am forced to stay there until i quit the game xD
It doesnt start if i click the .jar file. Java is installed
WOrking on PS4 or not ?
Iko Rein
Of course. Enable Telemetry Feed (Legacy) and then run the Telemetry tool e.g. on laptop.
Thanks for the update man! :D
Love it used it for F1 2017 On PC as I do not own 2018 on PC. Any way I can use it for Xbox One because I own 2018 on it.
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