Telemetry Application 5.3

New version of the Telemetry application. This one is meant only for F1 2016

  1. New version of the Telemetry application. Fixes console (PS & XBOX) UDP feed related bugs

    Iko Rein

    New version is here. I expect this to be the final version for F1 2016.

    Key fix:
    The key fix is that the tool now works with the UDP feed from the consoles (PS4 & XBOX).

    Other changes/fixes in this release
    • Added revs/gear overlay to Telemetry tab. You can activate this with key 'R' in the Telemetry tab
    • In Raw Data tab you can adjust the font size with mouse wheel
    • Removed out_1 and out_2 from the 'General Options' as you can now do this from the game...
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  2. Telemetry Application 5.2 (Multiplatform)

    Iko Rein
    Here is a new version.

    There are two main fixes
    1) A total rewrite of the way, how the UDP data is received from the game. This is now much more robust and should ensure, there are no gaps in the received data.
    2) Mac compatibility fixes. This should now work on Macs. It has been tested on Yosemite and El Capitan.

    There are some other small fixes + some additions. See the ReadMe.txt for them.

    In Windows:
    For users of 5.0 and 5.1, you can just take the Telemetry.jar from the .zip...
  3. New version of the Telemetry application. Fixes online event related bugs

    Iko Rein

    New version is here. This one takes advantage of the new data in the data feed.
    • better Track detection
    • better event detection (value from the game)
    • fixed bug (from the game), which messed up the data received during an online event.
    • fixed the Singapore track map
    • Small fixes here and there
    The SHA256 key for the package is here:
    Checksum information
    Size: 4818340 bytes (4 MB)...
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