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Telemetry Application V10 10.3

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Excelent tool, thank you for the contribution.
Is there any way to use this tool to analyse live data from a different network wth F1 2020? My goal is to provide live assistance remotely and without need to have the game installed.
Iko Rein
Yeah, you can send the data from the game to remove location, where you run the Telemetry tool. Check the tool's help on networking and UDP forward.
Excellent data recording and analysing, works well in singleplayer as well as online
Great job!
Awesome job as every year.

Just an issue I found, i have problems reading the aidata json, last year worked properly
Perfect tool but the ghost throttle is not working for me :(
Iko Rein
There is no ghost throttle data available from the game.
Very nice tool, but i need tire temperatures in the telemetry. Essential for F1 2020 in my opinion.
It keeps getting better! Lovely app!
Really great telemetry app! You couldn't ask for anything more!
Perfect, Thank you for this.
Awesome work. Excellent App
Top notch. Big thanks for the quick update to F1 2020.
brilliant ! just thank you for this hard work