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Team Rosberg - R8 LMS - #15, #16 1.0

A pair of nice '09 ADAC MATERS skin

  1. Erg
    A bit old but beautiful liveries.
    Hope you like, enjoy.


    Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_spa_15-10-115-19-16-0.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_spa_15-10-115-19-15-29.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_silverstone-national_15-10-115-19-3-4.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_silverstone-national_15-10-115-19-3-29.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_silverstone-national_15-10-115-19-2-48.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_silverstone-national_15-10-115-19-1-8.jpg

    Showroom_ks_audi_r8_lms_15-9-2015-3-33-34.jpg Showroom_ks_audi_r8_lms_15-9-2015-3-33-31.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. karina-moskva
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome ! Thanks.
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