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Team Reinert Racing 2015 v1.1

Skin of both Truck from the FIA Truck Racing Championship from Team Reinert Racing

  1. Actros1846
    Skins of both Trucks from the FIA Truck Racing Team Reinert Racing 2015. Nr. 7 Rene Reinert and Nr. 44 Stephanie Halm. I hope you like it. Extract the files to x:\FTruck2013\GameData\Vehicles\FT2013\VW_Teams\Reinert Racing


    1. Rene Reinert 2015.jpg
    2. Steffi Halm 2015-2.jpg
    3. Steffi Halm 2015.jpg
    4. Rene Reinert 2015-2.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. solo1149
    Version: v1.1
    Great job ;) have you the last Team : LION TRUCK RACING ( PRT ) - N° 8 - MAN or VW - ANTHONY JANIEC (FRA)
    1. Actros1846
      Author's Response
      I have the version of 2013, but it is not easy with the Lion´s head on the Side of the cabin...... and Steffi had a pink line around the Lion Head and the logo´s...... i will update the truck in the next few days, ok???
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