Team Performance Mod - MotoGP+Moto2+Moto3 1.0

Version 1.0 of adjusted team performances/reliability

  1. rkh
    This mod will update all the teams' performances in all 3 classes!! Many needed adjusting, especially in the reliability department along such blatant idiocy as having Miller's OPEN bike as strong as Crutchlow's FACTORY bike. No more of that :cool:


    a) via mixfile remixer extract CONTENT.MIX and DATA.MIX

    b) place the db_teams.bml located in the CONTENT/DATA/DB folder into your CONTENT/DATA/DB folder.

    c) place the second db_teams.bml located in the DATA/DB folder into your DATA/DB folder.

    d) repack CONTENT.MIX and DATA.MIX long as you know what this is. A mod for bike's performances NOT lap times, so do not post erroneous reviews such as was already the case.

    Just a few screenies below...
    2015-06-28_00002.jpg 2015-06-28_00003.jpg 2015-06-28_00004.jpg 2015-06-28_00005.jpg 2015-06-28_00006.jpg 2015-06-28_00007.jpg 2015-06-28_00008.jpg 2015-06-28_00009.jpg 2015-06-28_00010.jpg 2015-06-28_00011.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. andh23
    Version: 1.0
    nice work
  2. DemondBlack
    Version: 1.0
    thanks you
    1. rkh
      Author's Response
      No problem!!!
  3. Pascal Herbig
    Pascal Herbig
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, does this also already create close pack racing in Moto3?
    1. rkh
      Author's Response
      No. It is about realistic power and reliability. They had CWM LCR OPEN the same as CWM Factory and many others. I adjusted those team strengths. Compare my team strength bars to the stock game. Way different!
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