Team Lotus 98T 1986 / 2013 Season 0.9

Full Car Conversion from Classic / F1 2013

  1. CC
    "Ultimate Hacker Series"
    Team Lotus 1986 98T

    To install Follow these instructions to the T
    #1 Go to Cars inside F1 2013 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013\cars
    #2 Make a new folder on your Desktop and inside make 3 Files and name them #1 cars #2 interiors #3 generics
    #'3 Drag the "ca2" File cars and place into the new cars on your desktop!!!
    #4 Drag the "ca2" File from your interiors and place it into the new interiors on your desktop.
    #5 Drag the "Generics" File from your cars folder and replace this onto your new file on your desktop.
    #6 Replace the Files from the Zip into where you just removed the old backup files.

    #7 To race online inside the new "ca2" Remove the "balanced" & "tracks" Files and replace them with the old "ca2" Files / and also replace the "ca2" CTF File which is located inside the "ca2" itself,,,

    If you want more "Ultimate Hacker Series" we need 10+ 5 Star Ratings:thumbsup:

    PS For Audio that Sounds like Mine Download my "Ultimate Realism Mod"v1.0 and use the "carsetup" Audio File sounds insane!!!​
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