Tatuus FA1 ColorPack (x22)

Tatuus FA1 ColorPack (x22) 1.2

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20 Skins for Tatuus FA1 by BiART
based on the original CSAI scheme

All skins have rims, suits, helmets and gloves dedicated.
Tatuus ColorPack Preview.jpg
Tatuus Italy.jpg


2014-10-31_00042.jpg 2014-10-31_00044.jpg 2014-10-31_00046.jpg 2014-10-31_00047.jpg Screenshot_tatuusfa1_magione_15-12-2014-16-58-21.jpg 2014-10-31_00076.jpg 2014-10-31_00079.jpg
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70.9 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update Preview Photo

  2. Improved Textures of the Gloves & Suits; Added Crew's Suit and Banner & 2 Skin

    Changelog: 1.0 Release 1.1 Better Gloves Textures Better Suits Textures Added Crew Suits Added...

Latest reviews

skins based only on the first kunos scheme but very well done! thank you
Thank you!
Excelent job, use your pack in the next race we organize on simrace.pl
Perfect, did a quick search for FA skins and found this pack. Adds some much needed variety to the liveries. They are great, thanks :)
nice package , thanks a lot.
Great ! Cool helmets+gloves+suits. Thanks !
you sir, take my 5 stars.
You're right, th original skins are ugly and this pack is a great way to colour the field. Seriously, you have too much time :-) Like it a lot, though some great other skins have been mad for this car allready, I've got plenty and now I've got lots of plenty nice liveries :-)
You're doing a fantastic job with the skin packs, they're always complete and detailed. Thanks for this!!
Thanks Sunny,

effectively I have enough free time recently
(the "economic crisis" has this "positive effect")
However once made the base, it does not take much time to change colors.

is definitely more challenging to make 5 different liveries, compared to a color pack of 20.

I'm glad you still are to your liking.
Thank you all guys (and girls) for the assessments. ;)

P.S. Sorry, I mistakenly responded with "reports".

If you get an "alert", are my thanks. : |
Thanks, well done!
Great to finally have a complete field of liveries, thanks!
Great Selection,Much Appreciated Thanks.
Man, This is a Great skin Pack you have made Thanks so much.......................=)
I think it was necessary... the original skins are really ugly (except CSAI) xD