Tatuus Bright Green/Carbon Skin 0,5

A new skin for the Tatuus

  1. Lightcruiser

    This is my first ever skin so i hope you will Enjoy this skin :)
    I am going to upload more skins! So that is why it is V0,5
    Screenshot_tatuusfa1_topgear_14-4-115-15-35-30.jpg Showroom_tatuusfa1_14-3-2015-15-12-14.jpg Showroom_tatuusfa1_14-3-2015-15-37-10.jpg Showroom_tatuusfa1_14-3-2015-15-37-14.jpg Showroom_tatuusfa1_14-3-2015-15-37-19.jpg Showroom_tatuusfa1_14-3-2015-15-37-30.jpg Showroom_tatuusfa1_14-3-2015-15-37-34.jpg 2015-04-14_00002.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 0,5
    I like the idea, I recommend making your own carbon pattern so you can control the size of the weave, because right now the carbon texture is too large to be realistic. I found a nice bunch of carbon squares online that matched as tiles, you can "weave" your own carbon sheets, colorize them in PS if you want, and then custom scale them after making them large enough. I found that for 2k skins, 4k carbon squeezed down to around 1k pixels gave a realistic carbon weave :)
    1. Lightcruiser
      Author's Response
      Ill fix this soon
  2. antonn
    Version: 0,5
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