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Tani Kazehaya 2018-09-13

Drift Map

  1. relatedONE
    16 pits lobby.



    This is my Thirth made from scratch. :barefoot:
    Online server can be found in content manager.
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Recent Reviews

  1. br0ken
    Version: 2018-09-13
    very good work for the start. only the grass color is too green and looks a bit cartoonish.
    1. relatedONE
      Author's Response
      You're 100% right I'm aware off course!

      It's just to show-case on what i can do or make, (object's/roads etc )

      And not give the full build map away for free you can see it as a preview/test

      Maps are public for that reason just like you buy something in a store and re-turn it type of thing.

      I have a discord were i release Full HD maps for $.
      You can find the sign board in-game a-long the road.

  2. Mathieu Keller
    Mathieu Keller
    Version: 2018-09-13
    1. relatedONE
      Author's Response
      Your welcome have fun.
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